Do You Offer Dermaplaning?

In professional skin care, we are lucky to have so many forms of exfoliation to keep pores clean and promote quicker skin cell turnover for younger looking skin. There are three types of exfoliation: chemical, manual and mechanical. Chemical exfoliation, of course, is referring to peels, whereas manual exfoliation includes the use of an abrasive such as a scrub. Dermaplaning is one of the most popular of the mechanical types of exfoliation. Cell Turnover The goal of exfoliation has always been to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. Skin cells turn over every three to four weeks in young skin. With age, this process moves at a slower rate, making monthly exfoliation more impor

Help Celebrate World Reef Day!

THIS SATURDAY - JUNE 1 - IS THE INAUGURAL WORLD REEF DAY! The goal of the day is to shed light on the state of our global reefs, illustrate how individuals can make a change, and encourage them to take a stand. We are proud to use Raw Elements Tinted SPF 30 Moisturizer and Non-Tinted Face & Body SPF 30 - reef safe, natural sunscreen. HERE ARE THE 2 WAYS THAT YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: 1. JOIN THE VIRAL SOCIAL CAMPAIGN Let’s show the world how we can make simple choices today to save our reefs for tomorrow. Our goal is to take over social media to raise awareness of this issue. Beginning at 6 am est on 6/1 (or any time after that), we are asking everyone to share the caption below: Our cor

Myths About Organic Skin Care

Natural and organic skin care products have increased in popularity, especially with the sustainability movement. Although most of us would agree that sustainability is good for the planet, many clients and professionals may be a bit confused or skeptical of the results that natural/organic ingredients deliver. Some of the more common myths or misconceptions are. . . The idea that although organic or natural skin care is healthy, it doesn’t provide results. Many people thing they have to choose between "healthy" treatments or "chemical" ones that provide better results. The buzz out there is that actives like retinol, chemical peels, or lightening agents like hydroquinone are the pinnacle wh

Sheet Mask Benefits For You & Your Client

Sheet masks are perhaps the biggest trend in proactive anti aging skin care treatment, for both at-home and professional use. Sheet masks are also predicted to be big business. According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global sheet face mask market is expected to reach a value of $551.3 million by 2026. These new treatments provide many of the anti aging benefits of full facial treatments in half the time by utilizing presaturated sheet masks to provide exceptional results. In the salon, these can be used to supplement regular monthly full facial treatments and can be enjoyed midday or after work without changing clothes, and even during other services s

Is Your Waiting Area Costing You Business?

At Face & Body Southeast, Jaclyn Peresetsky shared her tips and tricks for creating a waiting room that will entice spa visitors and clients to come back for more. Peresetsky challenged those in her class to analyze their current waiting area and ask themselves, "How does it make me feel?" and "Does it convey the feel of the brand within 30 seconds?" No Phone Zones Waiting rooms should be thought of in a different way than they have been in the past. Younger clients are forgoing the traditional act of reading a magazine or brochure while waiting for their appointment to begin. They instead scroll through social media, email or even catch up on their favorite show via their smartphones. Spa b

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