6 Steps to the Perfect Brow Wax

Eyebrows are all the rage—a current obsession. Clientele are after the perfect eyebrow, whether groomed, natural, arched or feathered. The brow craze doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. Instagram alone hosts 8.6 million posts on the topic of the perfectly shaped brow. Add in Facebook feeds, videos, Tweets, Snapchats and Pinterest, and brows equate a huge opportunity for any skin professional. Your ability to maximize the power of the brow for your clients will earn you loyalty, accolades and new clients, so get started sharpening your skills and make sure that your before and after posts reflect the best of your brand and attract new business. Here are the six steps you need to maste

Take advantage of Fall To Help Your Clients Repair & Rejuvenate

If there’s a season perfect for skin, it’s autumn. Summer's harsh UV rays aggressively break down collagen and can stimulate hyperpigmentation (but you’ve been using your sunscreen RIGHT?) and winter's cold strip the skin's surface, making it dry and dehydrated. Autumn's mild weather makes it the perfect time to repair some of that summer sun damage. At the same time, it makes your skin strong and healthy so it can protect itself against the cold. There are a lot of options available and as the expert, you can assess your client's skin and prescribe the perfect fall exfoliating facial. Regular mild peels and microdermabrasion freshen up the surface of the skin, smoothing and de-congesting. I

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