Effects of Covid-19: In Change Lies Opportunity

We'd all agree our lives have been changed in ways we could never have imagined or believed. The crazy empty streets and sidewalks of cities like Las Vegas and New York aren't movie versions of the zombie apocalypse - they're real. The spa industry moving forward will feel the impact of this pandemic as consumer behavior changes and state mandates fall into place for safely resuming business under the new normal. The need for physical distancing forced us to engage in new socializing (has anyone not heard of Zoom by now?) and when certain products became unavailable and restaurants and shops closed we realized that doing with less means more cash in our pockets and is better for our pla

Thoughts on Building Your Client Base Post Covid-19

Are you wondering how your business will get back on its feet once we are able to relax restrictions and get back to work? Hopefully, you've been taking time during this crisis to reconnect with how you want your practice to look post-virus and what you'll need to do to get clients to return. Obviously most esthetic business models will need to make some changes, so it's more important than ever to decide how you want to connect with your niche client and guide them to you (or back to you) once your doors open again. A basic and very simple formula to help guide you when making decisions on where to spend your time, money and efforts to recharge your esthetics practice. 1. Connect to your

30 Day Quarantine Challenge - What if. . .

As April 2020 begins, with shelter in place mandates or recommendations through the end of the month at least — why not make this quarantine a time to accomplish something good? The possibilities are endless for beginning a new lifestyle habit or tackling the "put off" tasks that have been huddled in the back of your mind (or garage) for ages. There's the obvious like decluttering or cleaning out the whole-house, getting a daily workout habit going (5,000 to 8,000 steps a day or more), learning something new (online classes and video learning are giving lots of low or no cost free trials away) - you’re 30 days away from feeling like you’ve really accomplished something - and using this tim

Building Your Thriving Esthetics Practice

Yes, our lives have been turned totally inside out with the current pandemic. And we are all wondering what things will be like when the bans are lifted and we venture back to work. But the key is - we WILL be back to work, this WILL end and you WILL be able to fill your practice again and thrive. This article from Lori Crete, The Esthetician Mentor has a few really good ideas for you to think about and add to your tool kit while you wait for "normal" to return. With the right preparation, your future skin care business can thrive in almost any economic situation. The keys are having the right knowledge, a professional attitude, and most of all, letting clients know you’re going to provid

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