$pa Marketing: Is Your Newsletter Yesterday’s News?

With so many businesses now communicating with customers via social media and online advertising, some people say the company newsletter is yesterday’s news. I disagree! I believe that even today, newsletters are one of the most effective, least expensive and, if done right, best personalized forms of communication available. Like so many other forms of marketing, though, you have to know how to keep it fresh. Content Importance When my company first started sending newsletters about 15 years ago, we followed a format that was popular back then: a featured article/​treatment, a featured product, a joke, a recipe, a horoscope, a monthly special, etc. The idea was to “bury” your call to action

You've Got This

The checklist of the evolving spa business during (and after) the pandemic is ever changing. Estheticians need to focus on their strategies for long term results. In your business, create a checklist and employ your staff to help you accomplish safety measures and other tasks as a team. • Address check-in and check-out. Does the patient call in and you let them know when it’s safe to come in? Is there a separate door or exit option available? • Think about payment, establishing a cashless, touchless payment option if possible. • Look at your online presence. Think about adding education online and having an online product store for clients. • Ensure staff have been trained on new protocols a

Acids Vs. Enzymes

What’s the real difference between acids and enzymes when it comes to exfoliation? An easy way to explain how each works: dissolve and digest. Enzymes DIGEST – acids DISSOLVE. Choosing an Exfoliant Exfoliation is a necessary component of skincare regardless of which type you use. It’s a fact that cell regeneration declines as we age. Shedding corneocytes (the outer layer of the skin) which used to turnover in about a month now may take up to two to three months to shed. This prolonged adhesion causes a buildup of cells and a compromised barrier, leading to transepidermal water loss (TEWL). If bacteria is present, breakouts can occur even with mature skin. Chemical exfoliation with acids is

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