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Changing Lives - One at a Time

We've watched proudly as Euro grad Becky Kuehn has expanded her oncology skincare vision and worked tirelessly since 2013 educating spa, salon and medical professionals to safely, compassionately and confidently care for their clients when they are experiencing cancer and the side effects of treatments. This month, her signature skincare products - O Love - a special skincare line created for delicate, fragile, dry, compromised skin and designed to give a little skin love to your skin during cancer treatments is on sale - find out more here.

Oncology Esthetics-USA Spa training started in the US in 2013 and has changed the lives of over 5000 students. The success of this training confirmed to us that we as human beings have a desire to CARE for others and just need the right education to feel CONFIDENT in serving and caring for those that need us the MOST.

"At Oncology Spa Solutions, it is our goal to:

...offer the best oncology training in the industry so that, most importantly, spa professionals are trained/prepared to safely and confidently offer services and care - ensuring no one going through cancer treatments gets turned away when they need us most.

Many graduates of Oncology Spa Solutions now work with hospitals, cancer centers, American Cancer Society, doctor networks, and Non-Profits. Others simply and wonderfully “bloom where they grow” - caring for clients with cancer within their current businesses. We look forward to working with you on your journey to being Oncology-Trained and changing lives with us! "

At this time Oncology Spa solutions is offering the Basic Essentials Training Course online at discounted prices. They also offer Refresher Courses and an Oncology Trained Nail Technician Certification.

Becky has conducted seminars, webinars and workshops across the country. She has been featured in ASCP, NCEA and Dermascope magazines. She truly walks her talk as this "inspiration by Becky" - Pebble in the Water article, written by her, explains her philosophy.

She is an amazing woman, and a testament to what one person can do, one day at a time, one person at a time.


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