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Exfoliating Myths We're Busting

If the past pandemic year 2020 has shown us anything about our industry, it’s that our clients left to their own devices really need our help. During the time spa businesses were closed, we connected with our clients virtually to help and support (and sometimes intervene!) them with their skincare needs. One of the most common skin care corrections estheticians experienced with their clients this year is over-exfoliation.

If there’s one misconception we keep needing to clear up it’s the when-why-how of exfoliation. We are the educators. It’s our job to not only provide great care in the treatment room, but to dispel the myths and teach our clients how to properly care for their skin when they aren’t in the spa. Here are a few myths we often hear from our spa clients at the Euro.

Myth: The more I exfoliate, the better my skin will be.

Nope. Too much exfoliation disrupts the skin’s microbiome. Remove too much good bacteria and natural oils and the skin’s barrier function is compromised. That can result in irritation, dehydration, dry and scaly patches, breakouts and loss of natural elasticity.

Myth: I need to exfoliate daily to see noticeable results.

Exfoliating daily doesn’t mean your skin is clearer or purer. It will strip the skin’s natural oils, which means exactly the opposite of what you want will be achieved: irritation, dryness, redness, inflammation. Caution your clients to exfoliate once or twice a week max with a gentle exfoliatorm (like our Euro Clinicals Enzyme Peeling Crème or Peeling Gel). Our Clinicals AHA/BHA Citrus Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that will help with cellular turnover without stripping.

Myth: All exfoliators are the same.

Wrong! Exfoliators like everything else aren’t equal. Coarse, rough scrubs can cause micro-tears on the outer layer of the skin (remember the first microdermabrasion machines?) Gels or serums with gentle AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) like Glycagel are a better alternative than abrasive scrubs. Remind your clients that if their skin is painful, tight or dry it’s a sign that they are damaging the skin’s barrier function. The goal should always be toward maximum skin health.

Myth: Exfoliating offers instant results.

Clients can be impatient. We all want maximum results instantly. Your job is to help them manage their expectations. Listen to your client’s skin care goals. If they’re looking for long-lasting results, educate them on the importance of receiving ongoing professional treatments by a licensed esthetician (YOU!). Provide them with simple, personal homecare routines that includes moderate exfoliation with your products.

The key to successful exfoliating is education. The pandemic has affected the professional skin care industry in so many ways. If anything, it’s reinforced how valuable we are to our clients - not only in the treatment room, but by the education, guidance and support we offer. Stay connected with your clients in as many ways as you can to make sure they are using the right products, in the right way and following a customized plan for their skin condition. They will love you for it.


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