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Happy New Year - Words That Work

2023 is almost here and we’re ready! 2021 was on the upswing, and although challenging, 2022 has been full of “almost back to normal.”

Whether you're spending New Year's Eve out or are staying cozy at home, inspirational words - quotes or embracing your own personal "word of the year" are meaningful ways to begin your own New Year's tradition (that replaces the old resolutions!) and celebrates what you've accomplished in the year ending and what you'd like to see happen in the year ahead.

Starting the morning of January 1 on a high, positive note will help you leap into the new year with brand new motivation to set your dreams on fire.

The personal word trend replaces the traditional New Year’s resolution. This is a single word you focus on throughout the year that affects what you do, how you do it, your self-care, your care for others, and your life’s priorities. Your word of the year is an idea and an inspiration, not a goal. It’s a gentle reminder about what is important to you, so you keep coming back and refocusing on your priorities.

Regardless of which New Year's “words” speak to you the most, choosing your New Year’s words and sharing them with those you love will inspire a bright New Year’s beginning! Maybe even more so if you’re wearing lucky New Year's colors!


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