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Help Your Clients Fall into Fall Skincare

It’s fall and an ideal time to gear up your clients to book an appointment with you to for a consultation and to revise their home care routine. We’re aware of the seasonal changes that mean changes to their skin, so kick off the fall season with a reason to see you – the expert.

When summer changes to autumn, sensitivities, dehydration, and dryness are a common result. During the client consult, be sure to check the skin barrier and assess for any additional concerns - fine lines, dehydration or hyperpigmentation that may have appeared as a result of increased summer sun exposure, heat, and other environmental or lifestyle stressors.

These concerns aren’t limited to the face. Don’t neglect the décolleté, hands, and arm areas. Recommend a body treatment, as well as facials or peels for clients to consider when scheduling their treatments.

Fall Skin Concerns

Sensitivity: It’s not uncommon for clients to experience sensitivity and redness during the cooler months. Recommend ingredients that reduce redness, calm hypersensitive skin, reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier and balance the skin’s microbiome.

Dehydration & Dryness: Dehydration and/or dryness is another condition typically experienced in colder weather. Treatments and products that help restore and nourish the skin are in order here. A gentle physical exfoliant can be beneficial to add to a skin care regimen, which removes the outer layer of the stratum corneum and helps allow for better absorption of products to the skin.

Protection & Prevention: The need for sun protection never stops! It is vitally important all year round. UVA rays (the deeper absorbing rays) penetrate through fog, clouds, and glass, and are responsible for 90% of skin aging. Make sure your client hasn’t stashed their sunscreen in the bottom of the drawer.

At-Home Care: Be sure to remind your clients that approximately 80% of consistent skin results come from proper at-home skin care. Professional treatments are essential to achieve and accelerate the best results. However, committing to a personalized at-home program is important in order to maintain overall skin health. We believe it’s an 80/20 split that leads to incredible results with their skincare goals. Prescribing the best possible homecare products and routine is critical to your client’s skin health, as well as achieving desired results. Discuss and revise if necessary, their homecare at the start of each season to keep their glow going!


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