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Helping Clients Make The Most of Moisturizing

How do you communicate the importance and benefits of day and night moisturizing to your clients who are looking for results to either improve a skin condition or the overall health of their skin? Most people recognize they need to moisturize, but often don’t realize the importance of choosing the right one for their skin type and condition. Their understanding depends on product education and your customized recommendations. How well do you really know the skin care systems you use and sell, including the active ingredients and how they work on the skin? Can you explain and demonstrate product presentation during a treatment?

The purpose and benefits of using moisturizer as part of a daily skin care regimen:

· It provides a protective barrier on the stratum corneum by reducing/preventing free radical damage and environmental stressors.

· Active ingredients in the formula hydrate the epidermis with important nutrients and boost the dermis metabolic function (these slow down with age).

· Moisturizer can treat and help prevent a surface skin condition like acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sensitivities, and dehydrated skin.

And don’t forget, part of educating your client about which moisturizer will work best for them, and how to use is how to pair it with other products to get maximum benefit.

Complimentary skin care products ramp up the results. For example, the use of a toner is to prepare the skin surface for deeper penetration and absorption of the active ingredients. A serum helps the moisturizer reach deeper into the skin layers to enhance its benefits. Sun protection is a must have product all year long. Clients should be reminded about the importance of this in their skin care routine – this could mean introducing a multi-purpose day moisturizer with hydrating properties and SPF. Or show them how to mix equal amounts (or layer) their moisturizer and a sunscreen for day use and use the moisturizer alone or with a serum at night.

Our business is to treat, balance and protect our client’s skin and make sure the investment in their home care regimen is the most valuable and results driven as it can be. When you communicate your commitment to your client’s skin health and beauty in a holistic and nurturing way, they will remember the message and keep coming back!


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