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Serum Sense

For a client’s home care regimen, our students most often recommend a facial serum as a key component of the skincare arsenal. Not only are they extremely versatile in that different formulations address a host of different skin issues, but they’re one of the best ways to keep the skin moisturized.

What exactly is a serum? They are usually water, gel or oil based and are specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin. The smaller molecular size of serums means they penetrate the surface skin layer, allowing them more power to influence the skin cells and deliver long-lasting results. There’s no better way for your client to boost the effects of their treatments in between appointments than to use a serum regularly.

Serums are full of active ingredients (actives) that aggressively combat skin issues like fine lines/wrinkles, blemish prone skin conditions, rough texture and hyperpigmentation or photo-aging. For example, the active ingredient in our Vitamin A serum is plant based retinol. Retinol is still the gold standard in skincare for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin texture and healing breakouts. Active ingredients are the ideal way to give the skin the nutrients it needs while also working to heal or prevent skin problems on a cellular level.

You still need a moisturizer!

Many clients assume if they’re using a serum(s), they don’t need to moisturize. Not true! Educate your clients as to the benefits of using a serum in tandem with an appropriate moisturizer – for day and night. Moisturizers have a thicker consistency and are designed to to protect the outer skin layer and and help prevent moisture from escaping. The molecular structure of a moisturizer is larger than a serum – it’s designed to cover the skin surface. Hydration is involved with both, but in different ways for different reasons.

As the expert, advise your clients to beware of moisturizing products on the market that claim to target skin concerns like photo aging (dark spots) or breakouts. A moisturizer doesn’t work that way. But combining the appropriate serum and hydration product in their skin care routine TOGETHER can give them the wow factor they’re looking for – they’re getting necessary nutrients or healing and repair along with optimal hydration and protection.

For best results, create a total package skin care regimen for your clients, adapted for their specific concerns, and revisit their homecare after each treatment appointment. Keep driving home the importance of skincare equation 101: Regular facials PLUS proper homecare EQUALS healthy, glowing skin. They will thank you for it – and that’s why we do what we do!


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