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Stand Out from the Crowd: Easy Marketing Strategies for Your Business

There are endless blogs out there about using marketing to make your business pop. In two seconds flat, you can submit a quick question on Google and find endless content that’s going to give you tons of tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your marketing game.

And you know what? A lot of them are probably very valuable. There are so many good tips and tricks out there. Some of them, though, are complicated–and that’s where we end up having a bone to pick with that advice.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s definitely intricate marketing advice out there that could majorly benefit your business. But at the same time, that advice will cost you serious cash, require tons of effort, and maybe even drain your time. If these aren’t things you can afford at the moment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t implement effective marketing tips–you’ll just need to take a simplified approach. That’s where this blog post comes in. Take a peek at these simple tips to set your business apart.

Spoiler alert–you don’t have to do anything revolutionary to make your business stand out. You just need to focus on specific strategies that have maximum impact. We call these techniques simple–because they are. Focus on them for a few months and watch how impactful they are on your profit, your customers’ experiences, and your bottom line.


Create a Seamless Website  

It’s simple, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to set your business apart. Note that we did not say create the world’s most expensive or cutting-edge website.

You don’t need to spend thousands on your shop or salon’s website; you just need to make sure you have one that’s easy to use, easy to book through, and on-brand. Over time, you can work on search engine optimization for your site, building out your pages and creating a more branded experience.

But to start, just having a seamless site that’s attractive and works is the biggest goal. Why does this matter? Because web traffic is how you attract and retain customers. Not only does it help you find and draw in audiences, but it also makes booking easy, provides your customers with information about your brand, and acts as a space for social proof.

Prioritize Customer Service

Does this sound simple? That’s because it is. Customer service is something every business should focus on. But not many of them do.

If you really want to set your salon, shop, or business apart from the rest, make customer service your top priority. Note, we didn’t say that you should roll with a “the customer is always right” attitude. But optimizing your customers’ experiences, solving their problems, and hearing them out can all go a long way in helping you set your business apart.  

Social Media Contests for the Win

You’re already on social media, right? Right. If you’re actively posting, creating strategy, and sticking to a schedule, the next way to set yourself apart is to get your audience involved in a hands-on way. Host social media contests that help you retain customers, attract new clients, and get people hooked on your brand. Make sure the deliverables are benefitting your salon, of course, and be sure that the rewards are well worth audience participation.

Bonus points for you if you can figure out how to use a social media contest to boost your brand’s awareness.

Engage With Your Community

It’s easy to say the word “engage” and for your brain to go straight to social media–but we mean “engage” in the traditional sense of the word. Obviously, yes, you should be engaging on social media, but we want you to take engagement from old school and actually become involved in your community. Think about it this way. You’re nothing without your community, right? Engage with them, get involved with them, thank them–and network all at the same time! Whether this is getting out in the community for fun events, hosting networking opportunities, or volunteering in your area, engagement is key to marketing success.

Referral or Loyalty Programs

This is a super simple marketing tip–and yet so many businesses don’t utilize it. Loyalty programs, referral programs, and rewards systems are a super easy way to do two things–retain customers and attract new ones. This marketing tip is an old-school strategy that’s never disappeared for a reason–it works.

Looking for more information on loyalty programs? We’ve got you covered. Check out this blog post about setting up an ideal loyalty program for your salon, shop, or spa.


Ready to take your marketing strategy to new heights? Give this list a go! Implement a few of these strategies and see what happens to your brand. If you’re committed to making small marketing changes like these, you’re already taking simple but helpful steps that can set you apart from the rest.

This post courtesy of Elite Beauty Society - helpful tips and resources for your esty business.


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