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The Power of Product Sampling

Promoting skin care products can be very challenging – there are so many lines to choose from in today’s oversaturated marketplace. Using free samples to promote products has been shown to boost sales tremendously and can be an easy way for you to educate your clients in the process.

Understandably, there's hesitation around giving away free samples. There’s the expense, for one thing, and concern that the client will take the free product and then not purchase.

Surveys by the Product Sampling Council showed an amazing 92% of consumers said they would buy a new product if they liked it after trying a sample. Other studies have shown that shoppers who received freebies were more 65% more likely to purchase the products they sampled and even to become repeat customers. People love to try new products – especially if they’re free. The industry refers to this as “sensory sampling” and it’s one of the best and easiest ways to engage your client and motivate them to try and buy.

Customers become more connected with a product if they can use their senses – feel, smell, touch, etc. They will share their experience with friends and spread the word if the experience was a good one. Free samples can turn an on the fence customer into a fan.

Big cosmetic companies spend billions of dollars on marketing every year through sampling and gift-with-purchase offers. It’s about exposure – clients are encouraged to purchase a product they’re allowed to become familiar with, and may have been unsure of. Especially when it comes to skincare products – who wants to put something on their face they haven’t tried? The free gift allows the client to experience the product without risk – and at the same time create brand awareness.

A survey conducted by the company Brand Share, discovered over 60% of consumers were not aware of certain products existence before they had received a sample to try This was true of some products that had been extensively marketed for years!

Use product samples whenever possible:

· As a bonus when a service is booked

· For new client referrals

· When new products are introduced for treatment and homecare or when there is a special or sale

To get the biggest return on your sampling investment always remember:

· Samples must complement and correspond to the client’s needs. Don’t give a mature client a cleanser for blemish prone skin.

· Make sure your client knows how to use the product properly. Sample cards with product information are helpful.

· Educate your clients on the benefits of using the product and the results they can expect.

· Include instructions on how to purchase – and make sure they have pricing information.

Product sampling is a great way for you to educate (not sell) your client on the benefits of your skincare line and they get the opportunity to try something new risk free. It’s a win-win for everyone and will absolutely help you generate more sales and create brand awareness.


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