5 Gems for Sensitive Skin

Gems and crystals have been prized for millennia – not only for their beauty, but also for their cleansing and healing properties. They are used to promote inner peace, soothe anxiety, protect against negative energy, and so much more. Today, they are even being used to cleanse and protect the skin. In fact, gem-infused creams and oils have become extremely popular among people who are looking to experience the incredible benefits of crystals.

The types of stones that are used in these beauty products are also typically good for use in jewelry for people with sensitive skin. While everyone is different, wearing pieces that are made from a hypoallergenic metal – like gold or sterling silver – and the stones listed below prevents reactions in most people with sensitive skin. Of course, this is not a substitute for medical advice, and if sensitive skin prevents various clients from wearing the jewelry they love, they should consult with a medical professional.


Rose quartz is a light pink stone that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. In addition to its use in jewelry, this gemstone is even used to make rollers to massage the skin. When used on the face, the roller increases lymphatic fluid flow and reduces the appearance of puffiness and tiredness. It also has antiaging properties.

As a healing crystal, rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It is thought to open the heart to all types of love, including self-love, platonic love, unconditional love, and friendship. It also protects against environmental pollution and negativity and strengthens the heart and circulatory system. It is especially effective when worn on jewelry close to the heart, such as a long necklace or brooch.


Amethyst is regarded as one of the most calming and relaxing gemstones and it is safe to wear against the skin. Its purple color has been prized for centuries and ancient peoples knew it as a “gem of fire.” In various points in history, its value rivaled that of diamonds. Today, it is the birthstone for February and is commonly used in all types of jewelry.

Powerful and protective, those who practice gemstone therapy say amethyst protects the wearer from all types of harm. It also relieves stress and dispels anxiety, anger, and fear. It activates spiritual awareness while calming and stimulating the mind and boosting motivation.

Amethyst brings inner peace and strength to the wearer. Since it promotes calmness, it can even improve skin quality by reducing the occurrence of stress-related anxiety.


One of the most valuable and hardest stones in the world, diamonds have been worn as a sign of wealth for thousands of years. These hypoallergenic stones symbolize love, in the form of engagement rings and anniversary jewelry, and show off style as statement pieces. They are the birthstone for April and the 60th anniversary gemstone. Diamonds are a timeless luxury, appropriate for every situation.

Diamonds are a symbol of purity and, while just about everyone is familiar with the classic, clear, white stone, they can also be blue, pink, yellow, and even black. These gems bring clarity and love into partnerships and serve as a sign of commitment. They enhance the metaphysical powers of other crystals, so, if they are worn in jewelry with other stones, such as amethyst, the powers of the other gems become more powerful. Diamonds are said to clear mental and emotional pain and help bring about new beginnings. They also stimulate imagination and creativity and help bring clarity of mind.


The pearl is one of the most unique gemstones in the world, as it is the only one to form inside another living being. They occur as the result of irritation to the soft tissue inside of an oyster, and they have been prized for both their beauty and their healing properties since the dawn of time. They are widely used, especially in Asian cultures, where they are worn to promote good overall health and restore balance.

Whether naturally occurring or cultured, pearls have numerous healing properties in reiki. They help restore the body’s natural balance and promote inner wisdom. Pearls also promote sound sleep and are beneficial in the treatment of lung and heart disease. They are also effective in the treatment of skin conditions like acne and rosacea.


Most often seen in red, garnet is a gemstone that also comes in a rainbow of colors, including: green, pink, orange, brown, black, and yellow. The birthstone for January and the second anniversary gemstone, garnets are commonly seen as a symbol of love and passion. Crushed garnets are safe for sensitive skin and, when crushed, can even be used as exfoliants in skin care products. When worn, those practicing reiki say garnet re-energizes and cleanses the chakras. It balances energy and brings passion, or serenity, as appropriate. The stone is said to inspire devotion and love, alleviate emotional disharmony, and sharpen one’s perception of others and one’s self. Garnet is said to provide a boost to the entire system and revitalize the body, bringing confidence and emotional peace.

There are many gemstone beads that are safe for people with sensitive skin. The ones listed above, however, also have many metaphysical properties that are beneficial to the wearer. When recommending gemstone jewelry, help clients to avoid nickel and, instead, recommend hypoallergenic metals that are safe for people with sensitive skin.

Roxy Burg is the marketing manager for Beads of Cambay. She is passionate about finding ways to channel her creativity. As a mother of children with sensitive skin, she is an advocate for products that make life a little easier and more enjoyable – especially as it relates to her expertise in gemstones and jewelry.

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