Sheet Mask Benefits For You & Your Client

Sheet masks are perhaps the biggest trend in proactive anti aging skin care treatment, for both at-home and professional use. Sheet masks are also predicted to be big business. According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research, the global sheet face mask market is expected to reach a value of $551.3 million by 2026.

These new treatments provide many of the anti aging benefits of full facial treatments in half the time by utilizing presaturated sheet masks to provide exceptional results. In the salon, these can be used to supplement regular monthly full facial treatments and can be enjoyed midday or after work without changing clothes, and even during other services such as manicures and pedicures.

Sheet masks are easy enough for anyone to apply, yet potent enough for the skin care aficionado, making them a great skin care tool to address many different skin concerns.

Additional Benefits of Using Sheet Masks

• Results—Sheet masks are presoaked in a serum that contains various beneficial ingredients to target specific skin concerns. The serum provides the skin care ingredients and the cloth layer of the mask ensures that the formula doesn’t evaporate throughout the time of application.

• No mess—No wiping or rinsing is needed. Any excess serum left over can be massaged into the skin.

• Better hygiene—Individually packaged masks mean there’s no risk of contamination.

• Ease and accessibility—Sheet masks are easy enough for anyone to apply, yet potent enough for the skin care aficionado, making them a great skin care tool to address many different skin concerns.


  1. Cleanse the skin. Apply a brightening cleanser containing seaweed and licorice root extract using circular motions. Gently remove with cotton saturated in lukewarm water. Repeat, rinsing to thoroughly remove any residue. Warning: use caution when using around the eye area. Pat skin dry with a tissue.

  2. Add a peel (optional). Apply a creamy hybrid peel with a spatula to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 7–10 minutes. Place a clean tissue over the client’s eyes and thoroughly mist the face with a brightening toner to help re balance the appearance of the skin. Next, apply moistened, unfolded cotton squares to the face to help dissolve and easily remove the mask. Wipe the mask off from side to side. Remove any remaining mask using cotton or facial sponges dampened with warm water. Pat the skin dry.

  3. Apply a serum. Apply a brightening serum with seaweed, willow bark, and licorice extracts combined with sodium hyaluronate to the face and neck and administer 5–7 minutes of massage.

  4. Apply a sheet mask. Tear open a brightening sheet mask with seaweed, arbutin, oxidized glutathione, and diglucosyl gallic acid (DGA). Unfold the mask and apply it directly onto the face. Once the mask is in place, peel off the paper backing at the notch and discard. Adjust the mask to fit tightly to the contours of the face and leave on for 10 minutes. Use a silver ball massager to administer massage over the sheet mask.

  5. Apply a moisturizer. Finish with a brightening day cream containing seaweed extracts, peptides, and sodium hyaluronate. Massage the cream over the entire face and neck area with light strokes.

  6. Give a gentle massage. After the proper time has elapsed, remove mask but do not rinse. Massage the residue into the face with gentle tapotement movements.

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