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One of the trends for 2020 is masking. It's become hugely popular for home care - sheet masks in particular. And one of the best products to incorporate into your treatments and your client's home care are masks! Always my favorite part of the facial, I think masks are way too often underestimated! They provide all kinds of skin benefits and are easy to add to any treatment or regimen. They can instantly improve the appearance of the complextion by adding hydration, refining pore appearance, firming, brightening and drawing out impurities.

Since as estheticians, we know that skin issues are different based on the facial zone, one of the ways you can customize your treatments is to multimask - use different masks on different areas of the skin at the same time. We'll talk about that in another post. But how can you create a customized mask that addresses your client's particular skin condition, seasonal transitions, stress, lifestyle behaviors and other factors? You have the skills to totally elevate your client's experience and that means they'll be in a big hurry to come back for more!

Simply choose a base and add 3 or 4 ingredients for the particular skin type or condition. (Essential oils, serum, hemp oil, or an ampoule). Here are a few suggestions - start with these and let your creative genius go to work.

Enzyme Masks: Exfoliating powder (we still use our Papaya Enzyme Peel Powder Mask in our Euro treatments. This mask used to be sold wholesale - if you'd like to see it return to the shelves - email us! These fruit enzymes digest pore-clogging keratin proteins and help tighten pores. Papaya in particular helps in the desquamation of dead skin cells. Bromelain (from pineapple) soothes inflammation. Powders deliver maximum benefits when activated with steam. Our Oat Enzyme Mask is totally customizable (think adding essential or avocado or jojoba oil), and is a gentle exfoliant which reduces irritation and inflammation.

Clay Masks: Perfect for blemish prone or oily/combination skin conditions, or just general detoxification, masks containing bentonite, kaolin and other minerals (like our Moor Mud Mask). They absorb excess oil, and draw out dirt and impurities from the pores while improving circulation and skin oxygenation.

Cream & Gel Masks: These boost moisture and seal it in, especially useful during seasonal changes. Peptides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin are hydrating and healing agents that help keep TEWL at bay. Other moisturizing botanicals include shea butter, algae extracts, and rosehip seed oil.

Rubber Masks: One of our client and esthetician favorites - Algae Lifting Mask - contains marine algae derived from seaweed. Rubber masks trap the moisture underneath and intensely hydrate, nourish, calm and brighten the skin. Once you add the liquid to the powder - you immediately feel the sensory experience as the skin cells are hydrated and oxygenated.

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