How Do Masks Work for You?

In part 2 of our masking blog, we've talked about how the importance of masks is often underestimated, and how easy it is to customize masks for the best possible experience for your clients. Today we'll talk more about multi-masking as a way to address multiple skin issues with different masks on the skin at the same time.

This delivers such a personal as well as professional touch that your clients will love - and that's the goal isn't it?

Let's talk about some of the issues you can address with different types of masks used in a treatment:

Deep Cleanse: Masks containing clay, or minerals (like Moor Mud, Herbal Complex Mask, Nordic Algae or Oat Enzyme) assist with drawing out impurities and regulating oil production in the skin. Gentle peeling masks that help remove surface skin cell debris are perfect for the forehead, nose and chin area (Enzyme Peeling Cream, Pineapple Enzyme Peel, Glycagel).

Hydration/Soothing: Most often applied to dehydrated areas like cheeks, neck and decollete, hydration masks are generally cream or gel based and easily washed off. PhytoVit Antioxidant Mask, Cucumber Anti-Couperose, or Advanced Peptide Hydration Mask). The goal here is to rebalance the skin, whose acid balance has been depleted due to a number of factors including age, improper skincare or diet, environmental stressors or seasonal changes. Look for plant based ingredients like Cucumber, chamomile or aloe for cooling and replacing TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) in the skin.

Firming & Lifting: There's no better way than a lifting and firming mask to give your client an immediate pick me up. These are ideal for mature, dehydrated, dry or stressed skin. (Algae Lifting & Nordic Algae Mask). They address fine lines and wrinkles, and provide an immediate lifting and tightening sensation when applied. Use on the forehead, jawlines, brow and temple area for a fresh, toned complexion. Key ingredients like marine algae and clays help to smooth fine lines and give the skin a healthy glow.

Relaxing aromatherapy ingredients can help reduce stress and enhance the relaxation experience for your clients, while active ingredients like peptides, ceramides, minerals and vitamins feed the skin. So you are delivering healing benefits as well as impacting your client's sense of well-being which is a powerful combination!

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