Effects of Covid-19: In Change Lies Opportunity

We'd all agree our lives have been changed in ways we could never have imagined or believed. The crazy empty streets and sidewalks of cities like Las Vegas and New York aren't movie versions of the zombie apocalypse - they're real. The spa industry moving forward will feel the impact of this pandemic as consumer behavior changes and state mandates fall into place for safely resuming business under the new normal. The need for physical distancing forced us to engage in new socializing (has anyone not heard of Zoom by now?) and when certain products became unavailable and restaurants and shops closed we realized that doing with less means more cash in our pockets and is better for our planet. The famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius once said, "Consider the uses of adversity." In change there are opportunities. As we move back to business as NOT usual again, consider how these changes that will most likely emerge in the coming months can help you re-position your practice for success. Minimalism: As a significant number of folks continue to work from home, there will be less need for serious hair, makeup and lashes. A simple pared down approach will no doubt encourage a more natural beauty look. Take advantage and create your own version. Tailor your skincare products to a full line your clients can do at home - simply - that will give them that treatment glow. Think less maintenance, less is more - but always with maximum results.

Loving Our Planet: This has already been a big trend, but now more than ever we can't ignore the impact our choices make on our planet. Socially conscious companies are doing better than ever (think Colortheworldlipsticks.com and Conscious Skincare). Your marketing approach to treatment and products should let your clients know you're aware of materials used for packaging, commitment to recycling or "second life" of goods, or links with other environmental causes.

Educated Consumers: Consumer interest in the products they use will continue to grow and learning about new products will continue through social media. The new influencers will not be celebrities or online gurus with millions of followers, but rather PROFESSIONALS with knowledge who can educate consumers on the true benefits of a product. Making an authentic connection with your client is going to be key.

Less Is More: Full disclosure will become critical and clean beauty will change from a trend to a adopted standard for beauty products. Smart formulas will have fewer ingredients that are carefully chosen for their function and that work synergistically with each other. Few to none: chemicals with any name that a 5 year old can't pronounce and more organic plant-based ingredients.

Local & Sustainable: Suppliers will be vetted for greater quality control and always on the lookout for possible contaminants. Products made in the United States reassure many consumers. Imported products will be seen by many to be unpredictable and natural disasters will have to be considered when ordering outside the country. And there's safety - people will be asking if the products they're purchasing are safe. Where were they made? Under what conditions?

Ethical Consumerism: Consumers will align their purchase choices with companies that speak to their values.

  • Doing Good: Give-back programs promote the image of your brand in the eye of the consumer. During the crisis, many companies in the beauty industry provided products for front line workers and gained a lot of social media praise.

  • Support your local sheriff: Choose to engage your business with your local community and let people know you are there to help.

Many of these trends have been around but their impact will grow exponentially in the days to come with the changing economy and behaviors from the aftermath of COVID-19. Use these changes for progress in your business and help yourself and your clients move forward. Consider the uses of adversity and be the change you want to see in the world.

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