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The checklist of the evolving spa business during (and after) the pandemic is ever changing. Estheticians need to focus on their strategies for long term results. In your business, create a checklist and employ your staff to help you accomplish safety measures and other tasks as a team.

• Address check-in and check-out. Does the patient call in and you let them know when it’s safe to come in? Is there a separate door or exit option available?

• Think about payment, establishing a cashless, touchless payment option if possible.

• Look at your online presence. Think about adding education online and having an online product store for clients.

• Ensure staff have been trained on new protocols and put measurements in place for accountability.

• Educate guests on how you are keeping them safe, sanitizing etc.

• Contact VIPs and offer to book them and guests with cancelled appointments first. The VIPS will give you the feedback that you might need to tweak the new systems.

• Open with a smaller window of hours of operation, spacing out appointments. Perhaps even focus on reopening for a few days a week (Thursday-Saturday) initially to get the systems in place and allow for people to come in.

• Address how you will meet with business partners moving forward.

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