Your Success Behind The Chair Post Quarantine

So many changes have happened over the course of 2020, and it's expected that even more will come. It's safe to say that there really is no going back to the "normal" we all once knew.

The spa industry has been impacted greatly by the events of 2020, and it is also a strong industry that has continued to adapt and endure for what the future might hold.

What has changed and is changing?

Spas are making strategic plans to open safely. Spa directors and owners are considering the layout of their facility and the services they offer.

Personal protective equipment will be part of the spa staff uniform and, in many spas, also available to guests.

According to an ISPA study, 60% of spas are offering gloves to staff and guests and 67% are offering masks and temperature checks.

The facilities, reception areas, locker rooms and lounge areas are reducing occupancy and have been reorganized to accommodate social distancing protocols.

Detailed sanitization protocols are employed between treatments and scheduling has added 20 to 30 minutes between each guest to allow for this.

Advice for professionals reopening their spa business:

Despite all the changes, you still have the ability to provide a comfortable environment for your clients. Clients may ask more questions or need more TLC to ensure they’re comfortable every step of the way.

If you're not able to reopen safely right now, what can you do to keep your business alive?

Offer curbside pickup. Encourage your clients to continue placing orders and deliver their products to them curbside (your spa or their home), allowing for adequate social distancing.

Create a Facial In A Box. Create facial protocols with instructions for your clients to follow while at home. Consider creating a product bundle for each skin type.

Provide individual virtual consulta­tions. Set up video calls with your clients to answer questions about their skin care needs and home care routines.

Ramp up your social media. Ask your clients to leave you a review on Google or Yelp! Plan a social media promotion that may include a free gift with purchase, prize or raffle.

Run a gift card promotion. Remind clients that you offer gift cards. This will help bring in revenue now as well as traffic through the door in the future.

Trends happening now:

Simplified treatment menus. Shorter treatment choices, such as ‘flash facials,’ where clients can experience a professional facial in 30 minutes or less, or even ‘touchless treatments’ such as guided meditation will be making their way into treatment menus.

Waterless treatments. Many spas are revisiting their water-based treatments,

essentially, any area of the spa focused on water. A waterless body treatment is a great way to ensure comfort and safety.

Personal­ization. This will become a mantra for all spa experiences. Spas will tailor their treatments in accordance with health and safety guidelines and may even offer additional protective measures to align with comfort level and preferences of clients.

Oils and humectants. The abundant use of hand sanitizer gels, sprays and wipes have left hands and skin dry and dehydrated. The industry will respond with products featuring humectants

to keep skin hydrated - and oils which infuse into the skin and provide a protective barrier.

Skin care products and well-being.

In this ‘new normal,’ wellness has become an integrated part of life for many.

Consumers will increasingly seek wellness from every aspect of their day, as a relief from stresses and anxieties. Spa goers will expect more than just great results from their skin care products. They will want their skin care products to impact their well-being and unite the body, mind and spirit. As spa goers return, they may experience a range of emotions. Be sure to communicate with your client on how they are feeling, so estheticians can best customize the service to ensure mental well-being is considered, just as much as the muscles or complexion.

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