Ayurveda Keys Part 3: Kapha

The kapha dosha is governed by water and earth. This is an example of a kapha client, "No thanks, I am good with my skin care routine, maybe next time." They have a strong, solid body structure. They are a slow-paced, relaxed client, and they are really a joy to work on. They have a hard time getting motivated and they can be slow like molasses. They tend to be overweight, due to a sluggish metabolism. They are non-judgmental, gentle clients. They do not like change and tend to be diligent in old ways. They are creatures of habit and changing their routines will take patience on your part. Kapha are loyal in relationships, trustworthy and kind by nature.

Body ailments. Kapha can easily become overweight, which can lead to fatigue. They tend to have poor immune systems. They often get colds and have sinus issues and congestion. They sleep deeply, and struggle to get up and going. They move slowly and are lethargic and are not easily motivated. They can be prone to blackheads and congestion in the skin. They do not do well in damp climates.

Remedies. A dry, warm environment is best for kapha, avoiding damp climates. Spicy ginger tea is their best friend. It is great for their sluggish metabolism. They need regular physical activity to not become sedentary.

A balanced, clean diet is best to keep them balanced. Its best for them to avoid dairy and fried foods.

Treatments. Choose warm protocols, but with brisk application. Utilize a stimulating body massage with essential oils of peppermint, tea tree or lavender. Consider dry brushing to invigorate circulation. Pay attention to oil levels and congestion in skin. These clients age gracefully. Detox protocols, such as body wraps and infrared are perfect for kaphas.

Kapha Cheat sheet:

· Strong, solid body

· Slower paced

· Hard to motivate

· Creatures of habit

· Trustworthy/kind

· Poor immune systems

· Avoid damp climates

· Congested skin

· Need convincing

Customer service. They are the hardest dosha to retail to or upsell, so be gentle in your suggestions. They will need some time to process new things. Plant the seed for new products and protocols and let it go. Remind them on their next visit. Generally, they will take a long time to change routines, and they are not easily convinced. These clients are the hardest to retail products to, at first. They are the best listeners. Once trust is established, they can be incredibly loyal. They do not part with money easily. They are not lavish in their spending; they always have rainy day money saved. Things are done in their own time. Slow and steady wins the race with kapha clients. Nurture the relationship with this client before expecting them to buy from you.

In conclusion, when you subconsciously use these tips to better understand your clients, you will develop a loyal clientele, that will always see you as the expert, and it will set you apart from your competition!

Tazeem Jamal is a spa business coach, retail sales catalyst and has been in the industry for over 30 years. She still works hands on as a master esthetician and skin care coach in her own boutique business, Skindulgence Spa in Port Moody, BC, Canada. www.tazeemjamal.com,

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