A rich, creamy, hydrating botanical cleanser for dry, sensitive or normal skin types. Gently cleanses away dirt, environmental pollutants and makeup without stripping the delicate skin barrier. Contains jojoba oil to help heal and moisturize the skin as well as restore skin elasticity and smoothness.

Chinese Bitter Melon and Bengal Quince fruit extracts are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, while soothing and healing the skin. 

A Euro Institute skin care staple!



Moor Lavender Cleansing Creme

  • Due to health and sanitation regulations, returns and refunds will ONLY be honored for: product packaging defects or cartons damaged during shipment; product formulation, contamination, or performance defects from factory mistakes which are traceable to a specific batch lot number. Customer skin reactions within the first 14 days of use. Return merchandise claims must be made within 14 days of purchase with the original receipt and the actual product if requested, for which refund is requested.

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