Why Bakuchiol is the New Alternative to Retinoids

I began using a serum containing bakuchiol about a year ago in an attempt to help ease the redness and irritation effects I was experiencing from most of the retinoid products I used. When Euro Botanicals added our plant based Vitamin A Serum and Creme I eagerly added those to my arsenal. This potent little herb is showing its ability more and more as a viable alternative to retinol - and without the side effects. This article by Lauren Snow explains the origins of the bakuchiol herb (Ayurveda) and discusses how products containing this potent little ingredient might find their way into your treatments and your client's skincare. ************************************************************

Dewy Epidermis: Selecting the Right Moisturizer for Your Client's Skin Type

This article excerpted from Skin Inc.'s expert advice column reminds us of how the different functions of moisture ingredients can work well together in different combinations to help your client find the right moisturizing product. *********** Your client says, "My skin is so dry! I need the richest moisturizer you have!" But will the richest moisturizer produce the best result? Why is your client's skin so dry? Using too many exfoliating agents? Is it seasonal? Or genetic? Once you've considered the answers to those questions, you'll likely have others when determining which moisturizer is best for your client. Does your client have mature, pore-less skin that is not producing enough prot

The Great Barrier Thief

The best estheticians are the ones who think and act like detectives. Every facial starts with an interrogation (a friendly one, of course) to determine what complexion corruption has occurred, and ultimately solve the crime for the client. Many estheticians tell me that these days, they’re seeing more clients than ever before who are worried about a specific type of "crime" that leads to redness, stinging, dryness, UV damage, flakiness, irritation, visible capillaries, premature lines, flushing and a host of other signs of sensitive and sensitized skin. So, why the increase in these sensitive and sensitized clients? It turns out that the causes of sensitivities are becoming more and more pr

How Will the Pandemic Change the Face of Beauty?

I recently read this article in the NCEA News magazine, and found the perspective (written by a writer and beauty influencer in India) pretty relevant for our industry here in the US. The months in lockdown have changed much about how we live - so how might that influence skincare and beauty trends now that the country has begun to reopen and how long will those trends last? Here's one opinion. Free of make-up during the lockdown, have women finally begun to feel comfortable in their own skin? Right now, at this time of lockdown, anyone who appears on your feed with full make-up is bound to look out of place; you might also believe that such pictures show bad taste. But will this low-key l

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