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5 False Esthetician Setbacks

By Lori Crete, esthetician mentor, coach, and Beauty Biz Show podcast host

Have you ever suffered through a setback in your business?

If so, you're certainly not alone!

Unfortunately, setbacks are inevitable in business, but fortunately, they do not have to be the end of your world as you know it. In fact, they can turn out to work in your favor.

In this episode of the Beauty Biz Show, Lori talks about Five False Esthetician Setbacks that are common in our industry and shares ways to reframe these “setbacks.”

Here's the thing... she has been through all of these setbacks and they have each brought her to a deeper understanding of her profession. She explains how to build resilience and how to power up your beauty business even when you fear it's headed in the opposite direction.

Listen in to learn...

· How to get mentored by Lori

· Why she left her dream location

· How to power up your esthetician business

· Why business betrayals pop up in our lives

· What led Lori to teaching and consulting

· How to implement preventative maintenance in your business

Find out if you need an emergency fund and why you should always be marketing.

Lori’s 5 False Esthetician Setbacks:

1.    Starting over

2.    Business betrayals

3.    Unexpected expense

4.    Losing your location

5.    Client leaving you for another business


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Lori's mission is to inspire you to burst through stagnant industry norms to flourish in your profession and make a beautiful, abundant living doing what you love.

(This post is for informational purposes only. Swiss Skin Care Inc. has no reciprocal agreement with the above business and receives no compensation of any kind from said business.)


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