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5 Services Every Esthetician Should Offer This Summer

Clients expect two things from us: good results and exciting reasons to spend money. It's true. If you can create a unique, timely, fun experience that delivers them great results, it's always a win-win. With summer here, it's time (if you haven't already) to really kick off your summer promotions. Here are 5 services from Milady Pro you should consider adding to your summer menu.

1. Think about offering a "foot facial," which will help your client get and keep their feet sandal beautiful. A foot soak, exfoliating scrub to the lower legs, followed by a gentle massage and hydrating mask. Finish with a moisturizer and SPF. If you have a microderm machine, consider using the most aggressive grit size to exfoliate the callused skin on the heels to give your client baby soft feet.

2. Weddings and special events are summer staples. Market your makeup skills and book bridal, commitment, and event parties. Consider offering packages for multiple members of the wedding party or special event besties, family, or group. Host a trial-run with makeup and offer refreshments to make it memorable.

3. Spray tans are an essential summer service. Everyone feels more confident with a little color – and it’s a healthier alternative to tanning. Include a body exfoliation treatment for better results and longer lasting tan.

4. Retail travel size skin care products so your clients who are on vacation or a quick getaway won’t miss their skincare routine. Don’t forget to place special emphasis on sun protection. Educating your clients on the need for SPF is a must.

5. Sunburn rescue services are a winner. A soothing facial with lots of hydration is a great "after vacay" special. Include the décolleté and shoulders along with a special lip treatment for deluxe pampering that your clients will love. Add some aromatherapy for an even more sensual experience.

Summer is a wonderful time to help your clients look and feel their best. Switch up your summer menu of services and enjoy!

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