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Thoughts on Building Your Client Base During Covid-19

Are you wondering how your business will get back on its feet once we are able to relax restrictions and get back to work? Hopefully, you've been taking time during this crisis to reconnect with how you want your practice to look post-virus and what you'll need to do to get clients to return. Obviously most esthetic business models will need to make some changes, so it's more important than ever to decide how you want to connect with your niche client and guide them to you (or back to you) once your doors open again.

A basic and very simple formula to help guide you when making decisions on where to spend your time, money and efforts to recharge your esthetics practice.

1. Connect to your ideal client. What do they look like (age, demographic group, etc.) Will this client continue to be the same group you had BC (Before Coronavirus)? Or will this change? 2. Get crystal clear about what their 1-3 biggest skincare or beauty challenges are right now.

3. What are their biggest concerns as we transition back to open spaces and business as usual.

4. Write down 3-5 ways your practice can help them move the dial on one of those challenges.

5. Create a special offer and describe to your client via email, social media or video marketing. (treatment package specials, discounts on products, adding a new treatment to your menu, specifics on safety in your spa)

If you've been engaged in this right along - kudos - you're ahead of the curve. Swiss will be back just as soon as the green light goes on to open our doors, and we are here to help. Stay safe.


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