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Show The Love: 4 Rules for Building Great Client Relationships

There’s a lot of talk out there these days about heart centered business - love-based marketing, soul-inspired entrepreneurship, and business success without selling your soul. Every business depends on the client-business relationship, but service businesses especially must rely on nurturing the personal side in everything they do to thrive. So, what does that mean to our industry as estheticians? It’s all about how you make your clients feel – before, during, and after their treatment. In short, it’s all about showing them the love.

Price is important, quality service is very important, and to a lesser extent your location, access, and your spa environment. But those are distinctly second place compared to creating and keeping “client love” as the heart-center of your business. That’s what ultimately gets the sale and keeps them coming back. How they feel. To succeed in this business, you must care about people.

We’ve identified what we think are 4 important client relationship rules that show why successful skincare professionals are successful for a reason.

1. A Genuine Love of People: To succeed in the skin care industry, you must genuinely love people. Stop and take a serious look at why you chose to be an esthetician and what you love about it. What are you passionate about? Do you still feel that way?

The service industry isn’t for everyone. There’s an old rule of sales: “Rule #1. The customer is always right. Rule #2. See Rule #1.” If you feel resentful or frustrated at needing to put your client’s needs and demands (yes, sometimes demands) first, then perhaps skincare isn’t for you. After all, this is a profession that requires intimate interaction with people.

Do you have a good rapport with other people, especially women? A big majority of your clients will most likely be women. That rapport is critical for both you and your client to be happy. We all must put forth continual effort to stay positive and passionate about our business and to keep our clients in love with us!

2. The Client Rules: Or in other words – it’s not about you. Your business is about your client. Always give your client undivided attention and hone your conversation skills. These electronic times have eliminated much of in-person, face to face communication, so remembering to make and keep eye contact, effectively reading and mirroring your client’s body language and relating to clients from different age groups and cultures is important.

Every client has something interesting about them waiting for you to discover. Find it, show genuine interest, make them feel like the celebrity they are and you’ll keep them coming back.

3. Building Relationships Takes Work: Many new or potential clients will pass you by if they get poor service during the communication process (phone, emails or texts).

Developing and building client relationships is a skill, just like learning treatments or mastering techniques. Like everything you learn, it requires practice and dedication to become a pro. Learn about your client. Make note of his/her preferences, likes, dislikes and interests. The more you know about your client, the more authentic and meaningful your interactions will be. The recommendations you make will be spot on and he/she will appreciate that. Be a resource for your clients – give them tips, share ideas you think they will find interesting, remember birthdays and important events.

4. Give Thanks: You almost can’t overdo thanking your client with thank you texts, emails, and in person. And always try to show special appreciation to your loyal clients (with the occasional discount, add-on to a treatment, or offer). Thank them and mean it—they will feel it.

A successful skincare business is more than just recognition, sales, and profits. Showing your authenticity and heart-centered care to your clients (and staff!) define your success in a bigger and more meaningful way that will energize and inspire you as well as remind you why you chose to share your esthetic gifts with the world. There’s no-one like you!


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