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Spring Wake Up & Learn!

Let's spring into more learning - it's a beautiful thing!

A great esthetician’s work is never done. Sometimes staying top tier in your field means taking new classes, and that's a good thing. Why?

1. You keep current on trends in the industry. You'll impress your clients as the expert educator when you know what's hot, what's not, what's safe and delivers results. The more you know, the better you can serve your clients and keep them coming back.

2. Your resume looks much more appealing the more you know. Continuing education shows that you are serious and passionate about staying current in your profession. If you're taking classes in areas that you're interested in or passionate about, it puts those specialties front and center on your resume. Employers view an esthetician who's knowledgeable and current on industry changes vs. one who's just doing the bare minimum very differently.

3. Practice is key. Whether you own a salon, rent a space, or work for someone else, you must always be expanding your expertise and practicing new techniques. Taking courses allows you to explore and learn, and then practice what you learned. Remember - you are the expert!

Take a look at these online classes to help jumpstart your school spirit!

Through Aesthetics International Association, Dermascope magazine

From Becky Kuehn, founder of Oncology Spa Solutions (and a Euro grad!), webinar series. Webinars are LIVE, and if you can attend, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions. But, if you are not able to attend, remember that you can find and view at your convenience with the replay. Becky has lots of great information in her webinar series including sugaring and the oncology client, infection controls, essential oils with oncology, and kansa wand demos.

How to Perform a Completely Customized Peel - Milady Online Training

This free, 1-hour on-demand webinar is designed for professionals and undergraduate students to get acquainted with one of the most requested services in the skincare industry! From fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation, chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address skin changes. Since every client’s skin is different, the best solution is to give you the tools to create completely customized peels. Milady Online Courses for Professionals offers a wide variety of free and paid learning including business topics, client services and retention, finance and marketing, salon safety, media pitching, and waxing.


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