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What's Your Sign? Services Inspired by the Signs of the Zodiac

Looking to add new treatments to your menu? Services inspired by zodiac signs are catching on. Explore these as

inspiration for your spa menu.

Aries: Intense

Treatment: Chemical Peel

Taurus: Loyal

Treatment: European or relaxing facial

Virgo: Independent

Treatment: Dermaplaning

Pisces: Creative

Treatment: Gua Sha

Cancer: Kind, thoughtful

Treatment: Algae or seaweed body wrap

Capricorn: Intelligent, Strategic

Treatment: Laser or specialty treatment

Leo: Strong, fierce

Treatment: Microcurrent

Sagittarius: Fun, spontaneous

Treatment: Gemstone or crystal facial

Scorpio: Passionate, magnetic

Treatment: Healing energy facial, acutonics

Libra: Loving, balanced

Treatment: Couples massage

Aquarius: Open minded, humanitarian

Treatment: Facial with LED treatment

Gemini: Charming, restless, social

Treatment: Microdermabrasion, ultrasonic facial


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