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10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business

There’s no doubt social media has changed the way we do business. You’ve probably been using Instagram to advertise your business and solidify your unique brand.

Here at the Euro, our IG diva, Erika Cooper-Deaton provides our followers with engaging content, pictures, and video, as well as fun contributions from our students. Are you getting the most from your IG efforts? We’ve got 10 tips (a little refresher never hurts, right?) from the pros to help you get the biggest bang for your Instagram buck.

Always Use Hashtags

1. Don't over hashtag. While hashtags are definitely a must, avoid using too many in one post. Instagram has a 30-hashtag limit on posts, but in reality using that many can actually have the reverse effect of decreasing your relevance rather than increasing it.

2. Use location-based hashtags. It helps potential clients who are looking for you! GeoTag your location so that people know where you're located.

3. Create a unique hashtag for your spa or salon. Use it with all the photos and videos you post - it will help brand your business. Ask your clients to use your branded hashtag when posting about a service or treatment they received to help you see who is posting about you.

Showcase Your Photos

1. Post good quality images. No fuzzy photos! And don't rely on stock photos or professionally staged photos all the time - people love "in-the-moment" glances into your business; it really engages them.

2. Post before-and-after photos. These are a must for our industry. People LOVE before and afters, and it showcases your talent and expertise.

3. Keep it fun. Avoid always posting about services and products. A feel-good photo, or one about a personal interest or cause that's important to you can get a lot of response from your audience.

Craft a Great Post

1. The best way to keep your followers engaged is to keep a consistent posting schedule.

2. Offer something unique. Treatments with a twist will help you stand out from the rest and will showcase your special gifts which aren’t like anyone else!

3. Repost from customers and tag them. It helps boost audience engagement and encourages others to post about their treatments as well.

Engage Your Audience

1. Get involved. One of the best (and easiest) ways to get your target audience to engage with you is to reach out to them. If someone comments on your post, like or reply to the comment. If someone reposts something of yours, reply, like or comment to it

and keep the conversation going.


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