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Are You Quotable?

Some of the most often post types you’ll see on social media are inspirational quotes. We love quotes. But are they an effective content source for your business?

The answer is yes, when used appropriately and sparingly – quotes can really engage your client base.

That said, whenever you use quotes, they should be directly supporting your business brand, mission, and vision. It’s not enough to generate a lot of “likes” if those people aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Getting “likes” is a type of vanity metric – it feels good, but it’s not contributing to the bottom line. Don’t just share random thoughts, or post quotes that appeal to you if there’s no strategy behind them. Like any other type of content (blog, email marketing, etc.) whatever you post has to support your brand purpose and the 'why' of what you offer – why you are unique, why clients should choose you over someone else, what makes you special (and you are!). Then your inspiration has a purpose: it’s targeted and focused and aligned to your brand ME.

Tips for Using Quotes:

1. If using images, use your own original images when you can. It sends a stronger message and helps people get to know you and identify with your brand.

2. Only use quotes that support your unique brand “ME” purpose and mission.

3. Don’t overuse. Use them in a strategic way, to support your other content and marketing message. Keep it strong and on target.

Following are some great quotes for the spa – find a few that speak to you!

  • Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.” (Anonymous)

  • “Beautiful skin doesn’t come from makeup it comes from your esthetician.” (Anonymous)

  • “Invest in your body, your soul will thank you.” (Anonymous)

  • “The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.” (Ilchi Lee)

  • “Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle.” (Anonymous)

  • “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.” (Sophia Loren)

  • “A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul.” (Francis Bacon)

  • “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” (Anonymous)

  • “The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.” (Anthony J. D’Angelo)

  • “Less stress. More Facials.” (Anonymous)

  • “Relax like your life depends on it”

  • “Being happy never goes out of style!”

  • “So sorry, I couldn’t see you through the cucumbers on my eyes.”

  • “This must be the art of doing nothing at all.”

  • “When in doubt, zen it out.”

  • “It is a good day to have a good day!”

  • “Has anyone seen my chill? I must have left it somewhere.”

  • “Rule number one: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two: It’s all small stuff.”

  • “Feeling as cool as a cucumber.”

  • “Relax, refresh, recharge”

  • “A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body."

  • “Facials are workouts for your skin.”

  • “Happiness looks gorgeous on you!”


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