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Be a Real Influencer - Simplifying Skin Care for Your Clients

Ever had a first-time client who arrives with a shopping bag full of skin care products for you to decipher on their first visit? The good news is they have chosen you to support and guide them on their skincare journey. Make no mistake, however, even with the best guidance from you, most clients are heavily influenced outside the treatment room by social media: beauty influencers, beauty bloggers, and YouTube skincare and makeup tutorials. Which makes them more susceptible to skincare product purchases that either don't work as expected or do more harm than good.

Now more than ever, an important part of your role as skin educator should be to help your client navigate the barrage of conflicting messages from social media. Demonstrate how they can simplify their routines with proper education and encourage them to make the right choices when it comes to skincare products.

You are the Expert

Don’t become just another content creator using videos, blog posts and IG and FB posts to promote without really thinking about how you want to show up as an esthetician. We all recognize the importance of social media to market our business. But to a client who is struggling with skin issues, there may be a tendency to remember whatever it is they heard last. This is the time to show your clientele how your approach is different. Educate your followers sincerely to mold your social media presence authentically.

There’s a big difference between a skin care junkie who loves sharing product information online and a true esthetics professional. Never skimp on educating your client as to the how and why of skincare products and treatments. Your unique approach combined with your knowledge and expertise is why they are drawn to you in the first place!

Facts vs Fiction

Examine your client’s skin carefully under a Wood’s lamp and/or magnifying lamp and take careful note of the condition of their skin during the session. Ask them about the products they use to find out what they like or dislike about each one. Here’s where you shine as the educator and expert – explaining what the ingredients in their products do and whether they are really beneficial or deliver the results the client is seeking.

With a new client who is using a lot of products, reducing to simplicity is the key. Start with the basics – cleansing twice daily, weekly exfoliation and daily moisturizing. Getting your client back to a simple skin care routine will help the skin barrier to normalize within a couple of weeks.

When they return for their next appointment, re-assess the skin, and if the barrier shows improvement, you can begin to add in other products like serums or retinol. By getting back to basics, your clients not only save time and money, but they will see results. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Keep Educating

It’s important to continue encouraging your client to stay with the routine you created for them. Everyone loves custom skin care! After each facial, you can select specific products and explain how to add them on to their homecare to increase the benefits going forward.

Creating simple and customized plans for your clients that include treatments and homecare means they no longer need to rely on bloggers and video influencers – they have you instead! And you have a happy, satisfied client who regards you as their go-to expert for all things skincare.


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