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Confidence Hacks to Be Your Best Self in the Treatment Room

This week's post comes from Elizabeth Donat, L.E. and reminds us to take care of and empower ourselves in order to show up as the best we can be for our clients.

Every esthetician will experience moments of self-doubt. In an industry where you have to captivate clients with not just your skin care techniques, but also with your personality, energy, and conversation skills, it can be tricky to always feel like you are hitting the mark.

Are you ready to discover some hacks that will instantly make you feel more self-assured and empowered in your practice? Try these tips the next time you need a confidence boost!

1. Remember How Your Clients See You

It's essential for estheticians to remember the incredible impact they have on their clients. Do you remember the first time YOU met an esthetician? If you are anything like me, there was an undeniable sense of wonder. Your clients feel the same way about you. Picture yourself through their eyes, seeing not just a skin care professional, but a magical guide on their beauty journey. Your clients admire you, not just for your skills, but for the passion you exude. They seek your knowledge, expertise, solutions and the positive energy you bring to every session. As an esthetician, understanding the awe your clients feel will enhance your self-perception. Recognizing the profound impact you make empowers you to radiate success and can give you that instant hit of confidence.

2. Keep Client Conversations About Skin

It’s tempting to engage in non-stop small talk with new clients or dive straight into personal discussions with your regulars. However, doing so might cause you to miss a valuable opportunity to present yourself as a well-informed skin care expert. Focusing conversations on skin care not only positions you as a credible authority, but also strengthens your professional image. While engaging in casual banter or discussing personal matters may be tempting – and certainly occurs – redirecting the dialogue to skin care reinforces your role as a poised and knowledgeable esthetician.

Steering conversations toward skin-related topics, such as conducting a thorough skin analysis, addressing homecare challenges, explaining procedure and product benefits, and outlining a skin care plan for the next 9-12 months, allows you to showcase your expertise. New clients, especially, form their first impressions during these interactions. By consistently emphasizing your dedication to skin care discussions, you establish yourself as an esthetician who takes their craft seriously. This not only enhances your professional image, but instills confidence in your clients, assuring them they are in the capable hands of a skin care expert.

3. Practice an Energy Balancing Ritual Between Clients

Navigating through various clients and their diverse emotional states can inadvertently impact your energy levels and your confidence. To maintain a steady and positive demeanor, it's crucial to consciously clear your energy before and between clients. As a routine practice, consider simple yet effective techniques to reset your energy. Placing your hand on your heart and taking three deep breaths serves as a quick and grounding exercise.

Alternatively, adopting a power pose – standing tall with hands on your hips – can invoke a sense of strength and assurance. Another effective method involves a brief session of affirmations in front of a mirror, reinforcing your intentions and uplifting your mood. You could also use aromatherapy sprays or diffusers to clear the energy in the room. Take a short walk or stretch to clear your head. Incorporating these practices into your daily routine will not only bolster your confidence, but also ensure you bring your A-game to each client interaction.

4. Confident Body Language Strengthens Client Trust

In the world of esthetics, non-verbal communication is a powerful tool that can enhance or detract from your perceived confidence. Practice open body language to establish trust and reassure your clients that they are in the hands of a seasoned professional. Maintain a posture that exudes confidence—stand tall and avoid slouching. Keep your hands visible and in front, indicating transparency and openness. During consultations or discussions, show attentiveness by taking notes, leaning in slightly, and maintaining a warm and genuine smile. These subtle yet impactful gestures make your clients feel heard and understood.

Engage in active listening with appropriate cues such as a head tilt and consistent eye contact. When a client expresses concerns or is upset, your supportive body language will convey empathy and assurance. This not only puts your clients at ease but positions you as a trusted expert in their eyes. By mastering open body language, you enhance the client experience, fostering a sense of trust and confidence that solidifies your reputation as an approachable and knowledgeable esthetician.

5. Acknowledge Your Professional Journey and Wins

In the whirlwind of daily tasks, it's easy to overlook the remarkable journey that has shaped you into the accomplished professional you are today. Take a moment to reflect on your trajectory – from the exhaustive training sessions and earned certifications to the prestigious awards and media recognition you've garnered. Consider the wealth of experience you've accumulated, the diverse skin care product lines and advanced equipment you've mastered. Celebrate the numerous facials and transformative services you've delivered throughout your career.

Your skillset is a testament to your dedication and expertise. Moreover, acknowledge your consultation prowess and skin analysis skills, pivotal elements that contribute to your clients' satisfaction. Don't forget to commend yourself for last month's successful retail sales – a tangible result of your commitment to providing exceptional service. In a field that demands continuous growth, recognizing and celebrating your achievements fosters confidence. Embrace your professional journey, for it is the foundation of the expert esthetician you've become.

Are you ready to elevate your confidence? Remember to start seeing yourself through your clients' eyes, harness the power of positive reviews for an instant lift, and master the language of authority to effortlessly navigate client interactions. From energy management, self-care, to crafting your unique mission statement, this collection of hacks transcends skin care techniques, promising to guide you to become the confident esthetician you are destined to become.

Elizabeth M. Donat, L.E. (excerpted from Skin Inc Magazine, May 2024)


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