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The Virtues of Virtual

For all of us small spa and solopreneur estheticians, staying connected with clients is more important than ever before, even as it poses challenges for the best ways to connect. There’s no substitute for the healing benefits of touch, especially with holistic treatments. Contact with our clients is essential, yet as the pandemic shows no signs yet of disappearing, we’re still observing social distancing guidelines. There’s no doubt that to survive and thrive with a strong client relationship, we must stay positive, connected and be available to our clients – virtually.

With interaction still limited and fear keeping many people away, more and more the esthetician must go to the client instead of the other way around. Keeping in touch virtually can go a long way toward creating a meaningful connection with our clients, as well as provide the professional skincare expertise you’re known for that they’ve relied on in the past.


Virtual consultations and appointments can’t compare to an in-person session, but they are the next best thing. You are the expert when it comes to skincare “emergencies”, showing clients how to use their products effectively in their homecare routines, and demonstrating and recommending skincare products. If you haven’t done it before, now would be a great time to write your own skincare e-read and make it available for download on your site. If you’re not into writing, record a video – or better yet – a series of videos targeting different skincare conditions, types of treatments your clients can perform at home, DIY skincare hacks – anything that keeps the recognition of you as their skincare expert top of mind.

FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing applications are available for real time virtual appointments and consultations.

Don’t be afraid to follow up on a regular basis with clients and prospects. Keep letting them know you are there for them. A regular email campaign to update them on your current offerings, specials, or upcoming events is a must. Long term, the data show that email has a better ROI than social media which tends to be “of the moment” but fades away quickly. That said, there are times when social media is more appropriate (when you’re announcing a special event or offer that is time sensitive.) Use them both. And always make sure your correspondence includes your phone number so clients can text or call.


Growing relationships and establishing your client’s trust is not a one-way street. Listen to what they are saying. What do they need? How do they feel? Use your social media, blog, website, and email conversations to create content and create strategies to solve your client’s skincare “pain points” and respond to their interests and needs. Content is king! It not only keeps your clients engaged with you but will help attract new business as well.

It Will All Be Ok in the End (If it’s not ok, it’s not the end!)

Temporarily limited spa availability or closed doors doesn’t mean isolating our client base. While virtuality will never replace the unique hands-on experience you give your clients, it’s the next best thing to keeping your beautiful, smart, savvy self where they can see you. Put yourself out there; offer expertise, support, entertainment, and a little love. Your client relationships will bloom like spring flowers and those same clients (and new ones!) will return the favor when the spa doors are fully open for good.


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