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Fall Into Skincare: 4 Fall Treatment Tips

The fall months are an ideal time to have your clients return to the spa for a consultation and update their home care regimen. Season changes also mean a change to their skin.

Notably, sensitivities, dehydration and dryness are a common result of cooler weather. During their visit, be sure to check your client’s skin barrier and assess the skin for any additional concerns including fine lines, dehydration or hyperpigmentation that may have appeared due to prolonged sun exposure over the summer.

These concerns don’t just occur on the face, but also the décolletage, hands and arm areas. I recommend suggesting treatments for the body, as well as the face for clients to consider when scheduling their fall treatments.

Addressing Fall Skin Concerns

1. Sensitivity: It’s not uncommon for clients to experience sensitivity and redness during the cooler months. I recommend ingredients that reduce redness (like Sensitive Care Balm and Moor Skin Balm), calm hypersensitive skin, reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier and balance the skin’s microbiome.

2. Dehydration & Dryness: Dehydration is often experienced due to cooler weather. To address this concern, I suggest treatments and products that help restore and nourish the skin. A physical exfoliant can be beneficial to add to a skin care regimen, which removes the outer layer of the stratum corneum and helps allow for optimum absorption of products to the skin.

3. Protection & Prevention: We must never forget the importance of protecting the skin all year round. This is just as important during winter as it is in the summer. UV is not just felt with heat, UVA rays (the deeper absorbing rays) penetrate through fog, cloud, and glass, and are responsible for 90% of skin aging. So daily UV protection (Raw Elements Face & Body or Tinted Moisturizer) s essential.

4. At-Home Care: Did you know that 80% of skin results are a direct result from proper at-home skincare? Professional treatments are of course essential, as they accelerate results. However, committing to a personalized at-home program is important in order to maintain the results and overall skin health.

We learned that it’s an 80/20 split that leads to incredible results with a skin care program. So, prescribing an at-home regimen is crucial to the success of your client’s skin health, as well as achieving their desired results. Be sure to revisit their at-home regimen at the start of each season to ensure continued results are achieved.

Note: Remember – you are the expert! Your knowledge and guidance are the linchpins to delivering results for your clients and keeping them coming back for more of what only you can give them. It’s not overstating it to say you are changing the world, one face at a time.

Article (except for note) excerpted from Skin Inc. 9/22 by Tracey Beeby. An expert in the Australian skincare industry and abroad, she has worked in the industry for more than 35 years. Her professional experience extends from owning and running her own salons successfully for 15 years, to training doctors, business owners and skin technicians for the past 17 years for Ultraceuticals.


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