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It's Not Too Late! Mask-querade Your Spa Sales This Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, there's still time to think about ways to incorporate Halloween themes into your retail spa sales if you haven't already. The most obvious is a promotion for at-home masking or pumpkin enzyme exfoliation. Both will help your clients with any skincare need they may have before and after the big fright night!

Halloween makeup, face paint and hours spent under latex or rubber masks can clog pores and build up surface skin cell debris causing breakouts and irritation. While anytime is a good time for your clients to mask up, the fall and winter season gives you an edge to deliver products (and good results) to your clients. Colder fall and winter months can cause dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin conditions. Whether it's a hydrating cream mask or a redness relieving gel mask, Halloween is a great time to encourage clients to mask-querade into fall and winter. Create your own spine tingling display near your register to draw attention to your products!

Once you’ve got their attention, demonstrate your expertise by explaining the importance of masking at home. Many clients may feel masks are either a luxury or not a necessary part of their home skincare regimen, so it’s up to you to help them keep the professional results they get from you in between visits by regularly using an appropriate mask for their skin type and condition. For minimalists, or super busy clients, suggest a timesaving exfoliating mask that will remove surface skin debris and help cleanse and refine pores without over drying. And everyone can benefit from a sheet mask – they’re inexpensive, easy to use and deliver great results!

Make sure your client knows how to properly use their homecare facial masks for the best results in 3 easy steps:

1. Apply their mask to a cleansed face (here’s an opportunity to show them a cleanser appropriate for their skin type/condition).

2. With a tester, show your client the right amount of product to use.

3. Correct removal of the masks is also important. Remove the product gently using cotton rounds or esthetic wipes saturated in tepid (warm) water, then pat face dry. You don’t want them to scrub the mask off or use a washcloth as the rough texture may cause damage to delicate skin and cause irritation.

Once you've recommended product for your client and shown them how to use it, you can suggest other skincare products to further enhance their great results. For instance, if they are masking in the morning, they would follow up with an appropriate serum and day moisturizer (with SPF!) for protection. If they mask in the evening, recommend a toner, serum, and slightly heavier night cream.

Promoting a spa mask-querade for your clients this Halloween will help them avoid scary skincare mistakes, take the dawn of the dread out of their home care routine and reduce the possibility of an invasion of the nasty breakouts - while revealing that glowing, boootiful skin they are looking for. And it will all be due to your spooktacular skincare expertise!


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