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Building Your Thriving Esthetics Practice

Our lives have been turned totally inside out with the current pandemic. And we are all wondering what things will be like when the bans are lifted and we venture back to work. But the key is - we WILL be back to work, this WILL end and you WILL be able to fill your practice again and thrive. This article from Lori Crete, The Esthetician Mentor has a few really good ideas for you to think about and add to your tool kit while you wait for "normal" to return.

With the right preparation, your future skin care business can thrive in almost any economic situation. The keys are having the right knowledge, a professional attitude, and most of all, letting clients know you’re going to provide value for their money. These six strategies will help you increase your income, fill your appointment book and become the go-to esthetician in your community.

Build Relationships

This is a no-cost way to boost your revenue. Clients want to buy from people they know, like and trust. Once you have your first clients, invest time in reaching out to them and staying in touch. So many of us focus our energy on how to get new clients in the door, when we should be spending some of that effort on staying connected with existing clients. A successful mentor of mine taught me that we are 10 times more likely to get a past client back in the door than to add a brand new client.

Customize Your Records

Take detailed notes on every client you talk to by phone or in person. We all know that charting skincare conditions and protocols is very important, but take the time to jot down some personal information as well. This will help build the “know, like, trust” factors. I record clients’ birthdays, anniversaries and any other information that makes them unique on an index card. Refer to your notes before their appointment and make more notes after you have seen them. It will make them feel important and special when you ask specific questions about their life. It will also help you be a better esthetician in customizing treatments and home care specifically to a client’s needs and lifestyle.

Make Pre-and Post-Appointment Calls

Wow new clients with a reminder call before the appointment and a follow-up call after it. This can truly set you apart as a professional, and is another easy way to build a trusting relationship. I always call a new client one or two days prior to their appointment to introduce myself and make sure they know how to find my location. Then, two or three days after the appointment, I follow up to thank them for coming in, and check whether they have any questions or concerns. Most clients thank me for calling, and quite often I can hear in their voice that they have a smile on their face.

Surround Yourself With Successful People

This is a biggie and I am quite sure it is what once helped me double my income. I had an unfavorable situation that made me realize I had been surrounding myself with negative people and it was bringing me down. I set a goal to find a positive, successful support system, and it did wonders for my business and personal life. Join a networking group, become a regular in a workout class: anything to surround yourself with positive people who are investing in themselves.

Set Goals, Take Action, Follow Through

This is what will bring your business to the next level and increase your income. Write down your goals and daily/weekly action items, and make sure you set aside a certain amount of time every week to focus on your goals. This is mandatory if you want to see your business flourish.

Invest In Yourself

The majority of successful people I know invest in a mentor and/or a coach. Having guidance and support will save you hours of time and lots of money. It will also keep your mindset positive, which acts as a magnet to clients. Throughout your career, seek guidance from books, coaching programs, continuing education classes, industry associations, and trade shows. All of these will provide the type of support that will help you and your business grow.

This article provided by Lori Crete. Lori Crete is a licensed esthetician, spa owner, and author of “The Six-Figure Esthetician System.” She helps estheticians build businesses they love and earn the incomes they deserve through coaching, mentorship and strategy planning. Learn more about her system, or get started with a free report, at

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