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Springtime Spa Inspiration

Cold, dry, snoozy winter is nearly over. The first day of spring is March 20th and Daylight Savings begins on March 13th. We’re getting ready to shake off hibernation mode, including nature – showcasing its abundant blossoms and vibrant color. It is the perfect time to showcase some of spring’s nature in your treatments, spa décor and retail products. Here are a few ideas inspire your own springtime spa creations.

Luscious Lavender: Try adding Moor Lavender Cleansing Crème to your cleansing moves, for a gentle hydrating cleanse with chamomile to moisturize and calm. Tone and remove any remaining residue with gentle Aloe Lavender Toner.

Spring Scrub: Use your exfoliator brush and our gentle Enzyme Peeling Crème to remove surface skin debris and dead cells from the skin while improving circulation and removing toxins.

Going Green: Green is the color of spring. St. Patrick’s Day falls just before the Spring Equinox so what better time for a green facial showcasing Algae Lifting or Moor Multi-Fruit Face & Body Mask with all its tightening, toning, detoxifying and remineralizing benefits.

Winter can be tough on the skin, so as we turn the corner to eventual warmer, sunnier days, focus on facial treatments that combat winter skin issues and nourish your client’s skin to be spring-ready.

Gemstones Facial: A signature gemstone facial (see our Resources section) incorporates the energy of different crystals to detoxify, and visibly revitalize and tone the skin. Or try a jade or rose quartz gua sha tool or facial roller. Use a creamy cleanser to gently lift surface skin debris without stripping, our Citrus Freshener toner, gentle Pineapple Enzyme gel exfoliant to treat fine lines and pigmentation; and Marine Silk Serum to reinforce elasticity, firmness, and suppleness. Choose crystals to place on various areas of the face (for example, hematite under the eyes to reduce puffiness) or gently massage on the skin with facial oils.

Forces of Nature Facial: Combine natural botanical actives and essential oils to help moisturize, soothe, nourish, tone, and tighten. Begin your facial with an opening relaxation ritual and incorporate products containing hemp oil or extract (see our Farm to Face Oils), a soothing Oat Enzyme Mask to reduce redness and inflammation, Aloe Rose Toner, Evening Primrose or Rosehip Seed Oil serums, and finish with a detoxifying and smoothing Nordic Algae Mask for an instant glow.


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