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The Aesthetics of Esthetics: Tips to Help You Shine

In the world of esthetics seeing is believing.  Show more, tell less. That means, the more you show clients who you are and what you can do, the more they’ll seek you out and keep coming back.   

Today’s digital marketing world demands you showcase your expertise, uniqueness, and creativity in a way that helps prospective clients quickly and easily decide you're not only the right esthetician for them–you’re the best. Here are a few ideas to help you create a winning portfolio of your work, your skills, and how to help clients get to know the amazing you!


Introduce Yourself Online

You have to believe the statistics – About 76% of consumers check you out online before physically contacting you. Clients want to learn who you are and what you do before they ever see you face to face. Your website is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff. Your site should be on point with high resolution, high quality images and videos of your processes, before and after photos, your facility and professional photos of you and your staff along with your bio. 

Communicate your brand loud and clear - right down to the theme, colors, fonts, and style, and take steps to maximize your ranking (SEO)  so clients can find you . Create an experience your clients will remember. All design elements should be coordinated in a way that supports and expresses your brand. The goal is for people to recognize your spa’s overall signature look and realize you are a professional that provides great services and quality products.

Social Media

Whether you’re a fan or not, social media presence (especially from a business standpoint) is a must. Don’t try to maintain a presence on every platform out there.  Choose a couple that really resonate to you (there are many successful esthetics entrepreneurs and influencers who have built their businesses using just 1 social media platform.) and maintain those consistently with regular posting. Include photos, videos, and relatable content that show potential clients who you are and what you do in an authentic way. Let them see your brilliant self shine!

Email Marketing

Before you sigh and say, “oh no, not email again,” – hold on. This strategy still works and has some of the highest ROI (return on investment) of any digital marketing strategy.  People still love to see value-oriented emails in their inboxes with  offers and information they actually want to click on.  where your portfolio comes in. Enter – your portfolio.  Approach it in terms of what the results of what you do can do for them. The focus should be on the value your expertise will provide them and why it’s you – and only you – that can provide it.  Regular email campaigns – a monthly or bi-monthly e-news report, tips, video shorts, and special offers are an excellent way to stay in touch with your clients (and prospective clients) and help keep (talented and amazing) you top of mind! Include images or links to images that showcase your work (think before and after!), the skincare products you sell, and your spa so people can get the full experience of what it means to have you as their esthetician.


Before & After Photos

People get tired of seeing before and after photos – said NO-ONE EVER.  

B&A photos should be on your website, social media posts, and email campaigns (with client permission). They give your clients an idea of what results they may expect when they work with you and how the process works.  



It’s all about video these days.  Before and after pics are very important, but absolutely everyone loves a good video. It’s the next best thing to being there. This could be a time lapsed lash extension session, performing a facial massage, applying a mask or peel, brow services, or even a tour of your facility. Video gets views, helps optimize your ranking with SEO, and demonstrates your expertise as a skincare pro like nothing else.


One of the simplest (and free) ways to optimize your ranking on the web is regular blog (or vlog) posting on your website. The options are endless. You can discuss your favorite skincare tips, showcase products and ingredients you love, show treatment videos, give tutorials, present case studies, record yourself at a trade show or skincare convention -  you get the idea.  Just make sure your images and videos are high resolution and are always your own (not stock).

Let your creativity and imagination run wild – esthetics is by definition a creative industry! Brainstorm your own unique ways to show the world how wonderful you are and don’t be surprised when your bottom line begins to expand abundantly!




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