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The Five: 5 Ideas to Help You Prepare for Business in 2022

As the year draws to a close, we’re thinking about what next year will look like, even as we busy ourselves with holiday preparations and celebrations. We’d like to mention 5 things to consider as you prepare for business in 2022.

1. Show gratitude. Show and thank your employees, clients, friends, and family for their support during the year. Focus on what went well, what you’ve learned and any “silver linings” you experienced.

2. Reflect & Review. What are your opportunities for 2022? What would you really like to see happen? Dream big! Look at your business as a whole and review all the data for a complete picture of where you won (or lost). Let this be an empowerment exercise, not a reason to beat yourself up – this is about using data for information to brainstorm for the coming year. Some questions to ask yourself: What are your profit goals? How can you get there with the expenses and pricing you currently have? If this doesn’t come naturally, look for resources that can help.

3. Declutter. Update your treatment menu, website, marketing materials with any changes. Clean out your desk, your retail shelves and do a deep clean in your spa area. Ring in the new year with a fresh new perspective!

4. Create & Commit. Start planning your marketing and promotional calendar for the year. What holidays or events do you want to celebrate? What about community events or special days you’d like to participate in? Map it out to create a 2022 calendar to promote your business – and share this with your vendors and staff to help keep yourself accountable. Add calendar appointments to your phone or email to yourself to help you stay on track.

5. Stay flexible. One of the most important tools we’ve learned through owning a business (and going through a pandemic!) is the need to be flexible. Creating your business blueprint for the year gives you a framework on which to hang your goals – but always remain open for unexpected opportunities and challenges…you’ll be more prepared and able to adapt with ease.


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