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The Marketing Memo: 12 Months - 12 Simple Ideas You Can “Profit” From in 2023

Marketing is the key to your business, and it’s a fact that attracting and retaining clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of running your own esthetics business. But you don’t need a 20-page marketing plan to be an effective marketer. Read on for these marketing tips we’ve collected for you to enhance your existing practice, grow your customer base and increase your customer retention.

Twelve months, 12 ideas for more profit in 2023!

1. Whether electronic or on paper, plan marketing strategies one to three months in advance. Also, keep a record of what you tried that did and did not work.

2. Set goals for how many products and services you will sell per week.

3. Follow up with new clients within three days.

4. Clean your space daily.

5. Offer samples of the skincare products you carry.

6. Ask for reviews and provide a link for your client.

7. Respond to e-mails and texts within 6-12 hours, except on off days.

8. Create policies for your business including some of the above suggestions.

9. Create or update your website with online booking. (more on this later!)

10. Specialize in 1-3 services (along with others you may offer).

12. Take a card or deposit when scheduling.

7 Days in the week, 7 More Ideas for SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

1. Be super personable: Create a relationship with your clients. It is essential that you become their best friends even if you don’t like them that much. The key here is to make sure that everybody likes you enough that they want to give you their money.

2. Specialize: Many consumers feel that a spa that offers a specific treatment is the best for them because they specialize in it. Marketing studies show a confused mind walks away. Often clients don’t resonate to too many options or a really broad treatment menu.

3. Show them the unique, amazing you: What special gift do you deliver like no one else? Whether you’re a wax diva, a facial fanatic, rocking retailer, or peel queen, stand out and let your clients know.

4. Do Discount (appropriately): Don’t run risk of losing a client by completely refusing to discount. Discounts often keep you client coming back as a reward or thank you for their business. Discounts can be used for client referrals, or for repeat purchases or those over a certain dollar limit..

5. Get Known: Blog, Vlog or Write an Ebook. Different forms of marketing can really get your name out. Videos are especially popular, so create some Instagram reels or YouTube videos or have someone do it for you.

6. Get Testimonials: We all love reviews! They are critically important – they imply trust and satisfaction with the service. Ask clients to leave honest reviews about your services. Before-and-after photos also work well to post online.

7. Let them Try Before They Buy: Especially with regard to skincare products, people tend to want to try before they buy it, so have samples available.


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