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The Top Reasons to Prepare for Last-Minute Booking Prices During the Holidays

Because Last Minute Appointments WILL Happen

You've heard of Murphy's Law, right? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong–so why wouldn't you prepare for it?

We're not saying that last-minute bookings are wrong. We are saying that last-minute bookings that don't take into consideration your time or your efforts are. The fact of the matter is that customers are going to need your services–especially last-minute– around the holidays. Maybe an office Christmas party popped up. Maybe family photos are actually happening this year. Maybe they thought they could handle the look they wanted, and it was more overwhelming than anticipated. Whatever the case might be, the fact is that last-minute appointments WILL come up. Shouldn't you be prepared and get paid properly for them? We think so. 

If the Option Is There, People Will Take It 

If you're looking to get as much business as possible (and the best bang for your buck) this holiday season, give people the opportunity to book last minute. Take the chaos out of the equation and let people know that it's totally fine if last-minute things arise–you've got the structure (and pricing) in place to handle it. If the option is there, clients will take it–and they'll pay you what you deserve if they expect and anticipate that the rate is going to be different. So, get out ahead of it. Tell your clients ahead of time that last-minute booking is theirs–for the right price. 

 Your Time Is Valuable (Especially During the Holidays)

This should be one of the leading reasons to prepare your pricing ahead of time. Your time is always valuable, but it's especially valuable around the holidays. You could be spending time with your family, going to holiday events, or just relishing the end of the year with some much-deserved time off. Instead, you're offering last-minute bookings with your valuable time. And that's worth a little something extra, in our opinion. Make sure you're charging accordingly. 

It Draws the Right Line 

If you're setting the tone for your last-minute bookings with a pre-planned price and certain availability, you have more control over what happens next.

You get to draw the line on when you're available and what you'll offer–not your clients. 

Plus, it helps you create a healthy boundary. Yes, you'll be available for their last-minute needs–but on your terms! (And, yes, you need to do things on your terms for your mental health!)


You can't control the fact that last-minute clients are going to knock on your doors. You can control how it works. Being prepared with scheduling and pricing structures is the most seamless (and efficient) process for getting the most out of your last-minute bookings and the most out of your holiday, too! 



Post courtesy of Elite Beauty Society. Visit their website for in-depth advice on getting the most out of your professional beauty biz – education, marketing, liability insurance and professional business practices.



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