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The YES and NO of Esthetician Websites

Excerpt from Interview with Shelley Hancock and Beverlee Garb of Esthetician Websites.

You can listen to the full interview here to understand all the YES and Nos of thriving online as an esthetician. But, we wanted to point out the MAJOR POINTS when you're looking at being successful online.

1.Yes, inspire – No, don’t preach. No one wants to decipher and decode a website. A huge mistake I see again and again in do-it-yourself websites is that there is an effort to educate and convince, using too much text. The example below is the homepage of a website I recently stumbled upon – is it something you would take the time to read?

In most cases, all of these words can be summed up in a simple, inspiring Heading and Sub-Heading.

2. Yes, use professional, high-resolution photos. Here is an example of a pic on an esthetician website I recently saw. Notice there is a bed frame in the background! Is there a cocktail in the pic? While I'm sure she had good intentions, this picture does not send a clear message about her or what her business has to offer.

3. Yes, be niche-focused, No, not practitioner-focused. As estheticians, we may think we are the product and the brand, but we are not. The problem we are solving (niche) is the brand. Describing from beginning to end how you got your degrees and which school you attended may not be relevant. What is more relevant is the niche you specialize in and how you can solve their problems.

4. Yes, have a clear action step for potential clients to take. Most likely browsers will feel overwhelmed and not know the next step. It is important that you clearly lay out the action you want them to take. "Book Now. Book Complimentary Consult." - See below for an example of a clear call to action.

Beverlee Garb, Lead Web Designer, has been in the skincare business for 30+ years ~ as a skincare trainer, esthetician, spa owner, spa consultant and spa director. She has a passion and gift for lifting businesses to their next level. She now offers this gift to you in the form of web design and branding. Visit her website to find out more.

(We receive no compensation in any form from the recommendation of this business.)


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