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Treatment Trend for 2024: Bring on The Fast Facials

Fast facial options have been popping up more and more in 2023, with an increase in demand and popularity. The concept is simple (and potentially very profitable): targeted treatments delivered in 30 minutes, one fixed price, results oriented, discounted monthly membership pricing, and efficient and effective services targeting the client’s needs in real time. In 2024, this demand is expected to continue to surge. Read on to learn more and explore whether the fast facial is worth considering for your business.

What is a "Fast Facial?"

Rachel Liverman, founder, and CEO of Glowbar, (RL): Fast facials are efficient, individualized facial treatments that can fit into anyone’s schedule. While benefits may vary from person to person based on different skin needs and customizable treatments, the overall goal is to improve your skin, whatever that means for your client and their skin care journey.

April Porter, lead esthetician at LifeSpa River North (AP): A "fast facial” is typically 30 minutes long. It could be deep exfoliation with extractions, or it could be addressing hydration and calming irritation depending on the client's needs. It’s also a time to talk about homecare regimens and answer any questions. This is a time for you to get to know your client!

What Benefits do Fast Facials Bring to Spa Guests?

RL: Facial studios like Glowbar are something that can and should be part of your weekly or monthly routine; a quick and efficient facial you can fit in before or after work that doesn’t break the bank. Getting consistent, professional treatments is crucial to maintaining glowing, healthy skin. Glowbar’s expert facials (30 min., $75) are taking inclusivity to the next level by ensuring skin care can fit into anyone’s schedule and budget.

At Glowbar, we really stand by “wellcare,” which we define as the efficiency and expertise that we expect from health services, with the accessibility that fits into any lifestyle or budget. We’re making skin care available to everyone by offering expert, no-frill facials that help consumers reach their skin care goals without the pain points of time or expense. Confidence is something else that facials can help with because when you look good, you feel good! Glowbar’s singular mission is to make people feel confident in their skin, so we ensure that each treatment is customizable for an individual's needs.

AP: Some benefits that fast facial provide include: deep exfoliation, clearing of blackheads, congestion and relaxation. It’s also an opportunity to speak to guests about other treatments and home care products that suit them.

Why Are Consumers Turning Toward the "Fast Facial" Concept

RL: People are busy and are looking for ways to take care of themselves while managing their hectic schedules. Traditional spa treatments are typically something you treat yourself with; it’s a long, relaxing process you want to soak in. Facial studios like Glowbar are for anyone and everyone–no matter your schedule or budget. Consistency is key, which is what makes facial memberships the more practical, effective method for self-care. Getting a facial every 30 days will change your skin and your life! Professional skin care is also becoming increasingly a part of people’s wellness routines. Consumers are not just going to the gym and getting a manicure weekly, they’re also making facials a part of their routine.

AP: Clients have busy lives! They want the benefit of maintaining their skin but might not have enough time for a 60 minute long treatment.

How Do You Provide a Relaxing Spa Experience in a Condensed Amount of Time?

RL: We are a hospitality business, and we focus on the client first. Just because it’s only 30 minutes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a best-in-class experience with our team and with our studios. We make the most of our time by having clients fill out an esthetician-led survey to better understand their needs and to determine a treatment plan, which can include dermaplaning, chemical peels, extractions, LED, microcurrent or high frequency. We also have a wash bar where clients cleanse their face themselves using our provided products so the estheticians can focus on the actual facial. Our best-in-class estheticians have put in 600+ hours of training and are there to identify the client's goals and apply the right, expert treatments to provide them with the results they’re looking for.

AP: Giving a great spa experience comes down to giving a great consultation and understanding what the client needs and wants. I’ll ask the right questions to figure out they’re looking for and what is the best thing for their skin. Everyone will need something different.

8 Key Takeaways

When it comes to offering or providing fast facials Liverman and Porter shared what should be kept top of mind including:

  1. Have a team filled with expert, passionate estheticians

  2. Don't have surprise charges

  3. Have simplified menus

  4. Provide straightforward, customizable treatments

  5. Save time where you can (e.g. Glowbar includes a wash bar for clients to wash their own faces, so it does not take up time during the actual treatment)

  6. Allow for consistency

  7. Craft the services for clients to get the most bang for their buck

  8. Consider your clients time and budget (see if offering memberships could work with your fast facial concept)

Top Benefits

If you're considering adding a fast facial option to your spa, there are definitely some benefits to come along with that. Some of the top benefits of these services include:

  • Saves time. This means for your clients and your employees. Spa professionals have more time to fit in more clients with these shortened services.

  • More accessible. Simply put, a less expensive and faster spa treatment option can allow for more accessibility in your spa for those clients that were either too busy or on a budget.

  • Membership opportunity. Since fast facials revolve around the concept of maintenance, this opens up an opportunity for you to bring in membership options and concepts into your business.

  • Trending. Adding these types of services to your spa space can also make you stand out in the crowd since these are trending services that consumers are looking for.

from Skin Inc. magazine, April 2023


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