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What Light Therapy Can Do for Your Business

If you’re running a beauty business of any kind–from an esthetic spa to a traditional multi-service salon–it’s highly likely you’ve heard this buzzword in the past few years: light therapy.

But what exactly is light therapy, anyway, and how could it potentially benefit your specific audience? And further (and, honestly more importantly within this context) what does light therapy have to offer you–the beauty pro–if you add it to your service list?

This blog is going to take you on a light therapy journey. We’ll start with the basics–outlining the service, talking to you about the benefits it could have for your clients–and then move on to the big picture stuff, like why this is a must-consider service from a business perspective.

So, beauty pros, are you ready to learn a thing or two about light therapy? Good, because we’re more than ready to illuminate the benefits of light therapy for you.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy–sometimes called LED light therapy–is a type of service that can help heal and treat clients’ skin conditions and concerns (think acne, fine lines, psoriasis, and more). There are plenty of types of light therapy, but the most common are red light LED and blue light LED therapy. Often, these types of therapies are used in conjunction with each other to provide multiple benefits to clients.

Speaking of benefits, here’s what you can anticipate light therapy doing for your clients’ skin:

·      Treat current acne

·      Prevent future acne from forming by killing bacteria

·      Stimulating collagen for firmer, younger-looking skin

·      Treating fine lines

·      Increase blood circulation

·      Reduce inflammation in skin cells

·      Improve skin structure and elasticity

Why You Should Consider Adding Light Therapy to Your Beauty Services

Aside from the very obvious benefits light therapy can bring to your customers (like we listed above), adding light therapy to your beauty biz can really benefit you as a business owner. But what sets light therapy apart from other services? What makes it a smart move for business owners as opposed to a different kind of service? And further, why bother with this kind of service over another one?

You Can Access a New Market

You love your current audience, but even if they’re not interested in red light therapy, we can guarantee you there’s an audience out there who is–and they’re going to be jazzed to know you’re adding red light therapy to your list. Consider every new service–especially a beneficial one like this one–a portal to a new audience that you can welcome with open arms, provide that service, and then direct to your other services, too.


It’s An Easy Add-On For Existing Clients

Have a client in for a lash lift? Ask them if they’d like to opt for 15 minutes of red light therapy while their solution is working. How about a client who’s in for a facial? Red light therapy is the perfect add-on. Your existing clients will enjoy the benefits of this additional service in conjunction with their other services–so much so they might ask for an add-on red light therapy treatment every time they come in for something else.

The Benefits Are Visible

Your clients will see the benefits–they’re visible and believable. That means you don’t need to have to push anything too hard or try to “sell” them on anything. Educate them, show them, and let the results speak for themselves.

You Can Offer a Range of Options Within the Service

Light therapy is multifaceted as a service because you don’t have to list it as a specific service. It’s flexible and can be offered based on the benefits customers are looking for. Do you have an acne-prone client who wants the bacteria-killing benefits of red light therapy? Offer a weekly, 15-minute package for a few months. What about clients who want to use red light therapy to stimulate collagen? They might opt for a twice-weekly hour-long session. You can brand each offering to your liking and to suit your clients’ unique needs.

It’s a Recurring Service

The benefits of light therapy aren’t often seen after a single visit. It takes recurring, regular light therapy sessions to really watch the progress made. But more than that, it’s a service that requires consistency, and that means clients who love their results will want to keep coming back for more sessions to maintain those results. We’re not suggesting you dive into services solely for the fact that they have to be recurring, but we are saying it’s a nice bonus that red light therapy is inherently a multi-session service.

It’s an Easy and Quick Certification

Red light therapy is incredibly non-invasive, painless, and easy to provide for your clients. Because this service is so beneficial without needing much effort from a beauty pro, it’s a relatively affordable service to add on (not including the upfront cost of purchasing the equipment, of course). Certification is quick, relatively affordable, and doesn’t take much effort, time, or even brain power to operate. That means training your beauty pros–or getting them trained–is a breeze, even for those pros of yours who have a ton of other services to offer or things going on.

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