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Spring Reset! May Marketing Tips

It’s time for a spring reset! Dig out from winter with new promotions that will help bring business to your spa during the summer months. Now more than ever, marketing plays an important role in moving your brand forward – especially after the slump caused by Covid-19.

Factoid: The beauty and personal care market will hit a market size of over 716 billion (with a b!) by 2025.

Keeping that in mind, this week’s blog shares some marketing tips that can help you understand your clients better, serve their needs better, and just as importantly – boost your bottom line.

1. Create customer value with content marketing. There is no doubt about it. In an era when many people are resistant and distrustful of old school advertising methods, content marketing offers you an opportunity to have a dialogue with potential clients – professionally and personally. Examples of this are video demos, podcasts, blogging, and webinars – all of which position you as the expert, give you control of your message while allowing you to adjust marketing strategies as needed. Sharing your ideas, educating your clients, and focusing on their skincare problems builds trust and credibility.

Factoid: A recent study showed that 85% of women believe social media is what dictates the shift of different trends.

2. Know your audience. You need to hear and listen to the voices of your clients and understand what problems they want solved. You’ll want your target audience to be particularly respondent to what you have to offer. This requires strategic messaging – so keep the conversation going. Social media platforms, forums, and even live interviews with real people are all tactics to consider. Asking questions, keeping up on technology, treatments, and products and conducting surveys will help you learn what’s on their minds.

3. Diversify. Always be on the lookout for ways to diversify your business – avoid getting stuck on the plateau! Research different products, treatments, and services to see what makes sense to add or subtract. Diversification is an important growth strategy which takes advantage of momentum occurring in a new market situation or helps avoid the risk attached with one that’s shrinking.

4. Upgrade your visuals. If you can only afford one thing this season to freshen or “rebrand” – invest in photography. EVERYTHING is visual these days, especially online. Your images are essential for your website, social media presence, and marketing materials.

5. Let your message reflect the current spa culture. Clients need to know your spa is a safe place for them. Your story should reflect how you’ve improved or changed and what procedures you have in place. Let them know their comfort and safety is priority 1.

Factoid: Beauty industry statistics show that women in the US spend approximately $313 per month on beauty products.


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